Friday, April 12, 2013

WebTV: In Bed With Joan

Sarah Silverman & Joan Rivers
While watching the reality show "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best" on WE tv Joan, while performing her duties as a Guest Star on a radio talk show gets inspired by the DJ's who encourage her to start her own Internet Talk Show, because first and foremost she can do and say what she wants, without having to answer to Network Executives - You guys had Joan hooked from "doing anything she wants"...

Thus "In Bed With Joan" was born, to all you Rivers fans, of which I am one, this is brilliant news from the First Lady of Comedy.

Luckily for us, the first Guest who Melissa Rivers, Joan's daughter and Executive Producer booked, the notorious Kato Kaelin bailed. He seemed to think shooting a show on a bed and coming out of the closet as Joan's Guest Star was beneath him.

Uh, really Kato? That cheap bleach job you get must be seeping through your skull and giving you brain damage, I mean who are you really anymore and WTF else are you doing that this irreverent and entertaining show is "beneath you", loser?

So who ends up being the first Guest Star? None other than the amaze balls Sarah Silverman, thank you very much, take that Kaelin.

While sometimes I find Joan Rivers downright offensive, when she hits the nail on the head there is no one funnier! But that is what is appealing about her too she is not afraid to "go there" at the risk of offending or failing with a joke.

Ms. Rivers is a machine at the ripe old age of 80! I for one want to have her stamina and energy, but not her face lift, when I reach that age.

As a fan of her reality show - "In Bed With Joan" is a welcome return to The Talk Show format for The Queen of Gab.

Soon to be a Internet sensation (it's well on it's way) check out the latest episode of "In Bed With Joan" with "Entertain Me" friend and staple Margaret Cho.... Hey Joan, "Can We Talk"?

Get your gab on, and crawl into Joan's bed at:

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