Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here He Comes: Lee DeWyze "Frames"


Lee DeWyze will be releasing his Vanguard debut entitled Frames on August 20th. This new album will launch the momentous next stage of what is already a high-profile musical career.  DeWyze played guitar, piano, mandolin, banjo and drums during the recording sessions, during which he collaborated with renowned producer/songwriters Toby Gad, Drew Pearson, Matthew Wilder and Phil Allen, as well as mixer extraordinaire Jim Scott.

“I’ve never felt a connection with my music, more than I do right now,” DeWyze says.  It’s a very real thing, and it feels right.”

The first single, “Silver Lining” will be impacting Triple A radio on June 10th and is available digitally now.  Lee recently premiered “Silver Lining” when he made a triumphant return to the American Idol stage. Following the live debut, the song soared to #8 on the iTunes Alternative Singles Chart!

Lee will be hitting the road this summer in support of his new album.  Tour dates listed below with more cities to be added.

Frames track listing: 
1. Fight
2. Fire Away
3. Silver Lining
4. Frames
5. Like I Do
6. Open Your Eyes
7. You Don't Know Me
8. The Ride
9. Don't Be Afraid
10. Stay Away
11. Little Did I Know
12. Who Would've Known
13. Breathing In

Tour Dates:

2013-06-01            Chicago, IL – Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project
2013-06-04            Columbus, OH – The Basement at Promo west
2013-06-05            Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
2013-06-06            Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark
2013-06-08            Indianapolis, IN – Rathskeller
2013-06-11            Nashville, TN – High Watt
2013-07-10            Vienna, VA – Jammin’ Java
2013-07-12            Chattanooga, TN – Tack 29
2013-07-13            Peachtree City, GA – Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater
2013-07-14            Knoxville, TN – Bijou Theater
2013-07-15            Asheville, NC – Orange Peel
2013-07-16            Annapolis, MD – Rams Head Tavern
2013-07-24            Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
2013-07-25            Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Arts Center
2013-07-26            Osceola, IA – Lakeside Casino
2013-07-28            Evanston, IL – SPACE (2 shows)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jason Walker Has The Beat

Look! It's Jason Walker!
International recording artist Jason Walker is back with his latest hit "Beat Don't Stop" which shot to number five on the Billboard Dance Charts.

In addition to kicking it on the charts, Jason's "Raise Your Hands" won an Out Music Award for Best Inspirational Song.

OK, everyone what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes, it's Jason Time!

MS: Mr. Walker I must compliment you, you have quite the falsetto going on.

JW: Oh, thanks. It's not a falsetto though.

MS: Really?

JW: I'm just Fucking with ya! (laughs)

MS: I really like the message of "Beat Don't Stop" by the way, you made a statement that there a shift of consciousness is happening in the world right now. I agree, you can actually feel it happening.

JW: Oh completely.

MS: People are realizing that they need to work together and do something to make a change.

JW: Oh yeah, things are not going to change on their own.

MS: Madonna is one of your musical idols I noticed. There are parts of the video for "Beat Don't Stop" that remind me of the video for "Ray of Light".

JW: Oh really? That's cool! I love that album, it was ahead of it's time when it came out.

MS: The press release on says "Beat Don't Stop" went to number five on the Billboard Dance Charts. Did it climb any higher post the release?

JW: No, it peaked at number five. I will be honest with you, I was happy when it went to the tenth spot on the charts and then it kept moving, and I thought it would be great if it went to number five and I got my wish.

MS: Explain your statement about being a "child of the rave".

JW: I'm a raver baby. I was in Pittsburgh in the late 1990's and the rave scene, at least there, was jumping off. It was a really magical time, one of the best times of my life! One of my best friends and I went to a lot of parties together and discovered a lot of music, you can't buy those kind of memories. The rave scene was a great time for music, especially dance music, there was so much incredible stuff out at that time. My love of club and house music really solidified itself during this period within me. Oh, that music, it was so much fun! It was never about the drugs, so many people made it about the drugs, it was never about that for me. It was about going and listening to who was playing what and how it made you feel, that's the definition of dance music, it's about how it makes you feel.

MS: You also mentioned that you thought of  dance music as something to bring people together.

                                                     Jason Walker "Beat Don't Stop"
JW: Oh it completely does. I don't feel that it has lost any of that, I feel like dance music has lost a little bit of soul, that bothers me. But hopefully it's something that me and other artists who feel like I do can bring back a little bit.

MS: Dance music has to be really good and stand out to me, or I won't listen as most of it is generic.

JW: A lot of it really is anymore.

MS: You also had a number one video on Logo "I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind".

JW: I did!

MS: So, did you pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate?

JW: Well, actually I did! (laughs) I had some people over and we drank a lot of champagne. (laughs)

MS: Did you serve any finger foods?

JW: No, we just stuck to liquor. (laughs) We didn't get too wasted, but wasted enough!

Get the "Beat" with Jason at:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend: Behind The Candelabra

Michael Douglas & Matt Damon

Well, it's officially here, the movie no studios wanted to make. So HBO took it and ran with it. The movie that stars two great "A-List" actors getting their gay on.

It's Steven Soderbergh's "Behind The Candelabra" starring none other than acting legend Michael Douglas as the one and only Liberace and Matt Damon as his paramour Scott Thorson.....

Well I for one am excited about this HBO movie it looks like a really honest and poignant take on when gay performers were asked to stay in the closet no matter what. Of course who did not know Liberace was gay?! I'm just saying...

The supporting cast is quite stellar - Debbie Reynolds as Liberace's Mom is an awesome choice as she knew her in real life. Also on for the ride and perfectly cast is Rob Lowe as Dr. Jack Startz.

Wanna know what I will be doing this Sunday May 26th at 9 pm?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, and cheers to a shit load of Emmy nominations, for what I am sure is going to be one of the most groundbreaking HBO Films, ever! Word!

Check out the "Behind The Candelabra" trailer below:

       "Behind The Candelabra" Trailer

Find out more at:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being Justin Timberlake: Kevin "K-O" Olusola

Kevin "K-O" Olusola
Just when you thought you had been there and done all that with the amazing acapella group Pentatonix, along comes resident Cello aficionado Kevin "K-O" Olusola to take the talent of the group to a whole new level.

Kevin let's loose his inner Justin Timberlake with a cover of "Mirrors" that is vocal free...That's right it's Kevin and his cello cranking it out for your entertainment.

Just how much more talent can the PTX'ers mine Together? Solo? Remains to be seen, but judging from "K-O's" cover and video the well of possibilities is endless.....!

                                                                "Mirrors" Video

Check out Kevin and the PTX gang at:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Comic Book: The Stonewall Riots

Have you ever heard of The Stonewall Riots? Well if you haven't heard of them you should and the talented team at Bluewater Productions wants to help make sure that you do. They are currently funding a Comic Book Project based on the historic incident that kicked off the gay rights movement. Rather than listen to me about why you should be a part of this I have, the writer of the comic, Michael Troy here to give you ten good reasons why, there should be a comic book about The Stonewall Riots, go for it Michael!

Michael Troy:

Michael Troy
10. Comics are cool.

9. There isn't one.

8. It keeps the history alive in a fresh new format.

7. Marriage equality is a hot button issue and this is where most believe Gay Rights started.

6. It's a good way to appeal to gay youth for an important history lesson.

5. It's a way to pay tribute and honor the memories of our forefathers (and foresisters, um.)

4. It has drag queens in it.

3. it has gay men from the late 60's in it.

2. It's never been done before.

1. Best reason? I wrote it : ) 

Well those are ten very persuasive reasons, and here is another, check out some of the promotional artwork for the project below:

Check out Bluewater Productions full funding campaign for The Stonewall Riots and give a little or a lot at:

Friday, May 17, 2013

It's May & John Fogerty Is On The Loose !




 JOHN FOGERTY--one of rock’s most important artists and a national treasure who’s sold over 100 million albums--will make multiple TV appearances throughout this month in advance of the May 28 release of WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE (Vanguard Records).  A celebration of FOGERTY’s iconic songbook, the much-anticipated album is a collection of 12 classics and deep tracks (Creedence Clearwater Revival and solo material) from his remarkable canon of hits recorded in collaboration with today’s biggest superstars from the country, pop and rock worlds, plus two brand new solo songs. 

The Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is set for two consecutive nights on the “Late Show with David Letterman.” He’ll perform May 21with his band and May 22 with Dawes, the band with whom he recorded “Someday Never Comes” for WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE.  FOGERTY will also perform May 23on “The View” and be interviewed May 20 on “CBS This Morning.”  *See listing below.

Underlining his enormous influence on music includes the world of country music,FOGERTY will perform his classic “Born On The Bayou” May 19 on the ACM Presents: Tim McGraw’s Superstar Summer Night Special (CBS, 9:00 PM ET/PT) with McGraw, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. FOGERTY will also be featured May 18(9:00 PM) on HBO for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame HBO induction special performing“I Love L.A.” with new inductee Randy Newman as well as Tom Petty and Jackson Browne. FOGERTY also joins the show’s grand finale, with inductees Rush and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, as well as inductee Chuck D., Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, Chris Cornell, Tom Morello,  Gary Clark Jr., and more. 

WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE marks FOGERTY's ninth studio solo album since disbanding Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Mixed by Bob Clearmountain, it was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville except for "Proud Mary" which was recorded inNew Orleans with Allen Toussaint and the Rebirth Brass Band.  FOGERTY recorded“Fortunate Son” with Foo Fighters at their 606 studio using "the" legendary Neve recording console featured in the #1 iTunes documentary Sound City.


May 18:  Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame - HBO - 9:00pm (ET/PT)

May 19: ACM Presents: Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night Special - CBS 9:00pm (ET/PT) 

May 20: CBS This Morning - CBS - 7:00-9:00am (ET/PT) 

May 21 & 22: Late Night with Letterman - CBS 11:30pm (ET/PT) 

May 23:  The View - ABC - 11am-12noon ET (check local listings for additional times)

 About John Fogerty:
John Fogerty--singer, songwriter and guitarist--has sold over 100 million records, earning 18 Gold Albums and 10 Platinum Albums. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, won the Grammy Award for his album Blue Moon Swamp in 1997and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005. He is also a BMI Icon Award Winner.  In addition, Fogerty and his #1 phenomenal recording “Centerfield” were honored during the 2010 National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies--the first time the National Baseball Hall of Fame has immortalized a musician or song as part of the annual ceremonies.  He’s also called the “Father of the Flannel Shirt.”

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unconditional Love Shara Strand: "I Will Carry You"

"I'm more about telling a story than I am about vocal gymnastics" Pop Princess Shara Strand to yours truly, Michael Shinafelt "Chorus and Verse"

When I first interviewed Shara Strand for "Chorus and Verse" I knew she was something special, not only was she a gifted singer, she was also a ball of positive energy that is so infectious you can not help liking her.

The release of her second single "I Will Carry You" really hits all of this home, let's hear what Shara has to say about it:

"I Will Carry You" is a song about true love, partnership, and support- and mirrors the great place I am in now, after the "Jekyll or Hyde" type relationships. I am so happy my second single is released and hope my fans love many of the remixes"!

Thanks Shara!

Puppy Love: Shara & Coco

That kind of unconditional love also extends to animals. Shara has partnered with the American Humane Association who Shara asked if she could share some of the royalties from "I Will Carry You" with them. They of course gave her an enthusiastic "Yes".

 By the way Shara's Pomeranian Coco recently celebrated her first Birthday. 

Shara's follow up to "Jekyll or Hyde" is sure to be smash!

Let Shara "Carry You" at:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jazz Hot Kristin Korb: "What's Your Story"?

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
What's Your Story?, the new album from internationally recognized jazz artist Kristin Korb answers that very question with 12 timeless tunes that celebrate her story as a jazz vocalist and bassist. 

The multifaceted Ms. Korb - also writes and has taught music as well...she now calls Denmark her primary residence and has a great sense of style and humor.

Time to let your inner Sherlock out and unravel the mystery of who is Kristin Korb and What's Her Story...???

MS: Your CD tells your story as a jazz vocalist and bassist with eleven classic tracks and one original. Give us the inside scoop on the original track.

KK: It's called "Always Searching For My Baby". It's about a friend of mine I met when I was teaching at USC, Amber Navran, she took in all the jazz stuff and does her own thing, she has a band now call Moon Child.

MS: Oh cool. I thought that it was great that you were inspired to put "Don't Fence Me In" on your album by your parents.

KK: My Dad was always making up songs when we were kids and he would quote things that we thought he made up, and then we would hear it on the radio. I grew up on Country music and within the jazz repertoire "Don't Fence Me In" is about as close as you are going to get to Country. (laughs) There's a little bit of humor and tongue in cheek to it, so for me it was a fun song to do.

MS: Your parents also pushed you to be independent and follow your own path as well.

KK: Yes, definitely whether they enjoyed that later in life or not. (laughs)

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
MS: How was your teaching stint at USC by the way?

KK: It was great! The level of musicianship in that school is so high. It was so inspiring for me to walk into the building and hear the music. To be a part of that was really amazing.

MS: You also taught in my home state at Central Washington University, cold enough for you?

KK: It was cold, and there's a lot of cows there. (laughs)

MS: So what influenced you to record an album that told your story?

KK: A lot of it was inspired by my move to Denmark. Whenever you move to a new place everything is different, the language, the culture, the weather...I found myself going back to things that reminded of why I fell in love with jazz in the first place and people and things that I love. It's all about the stories and the memories, like how a certain song can remind you of something you ate in a restaurant, that was the time you  heard it and it extends to a particular emotion.

MS: You were drawn to jazz in Middle School, why?

KK: Here's what happened, I was in sixth grade getting ready to go to Middle School and the music groups from the school came to visit us. They performed for us, I heard the band and I was like, uh yeah, OK. I heard the orchestra and thought, not so much. Then the vocal jazz ensemble performed, they had cool out fits, they moved to the music, smiling and having a blast! I knew that's what I wanted in music, at the time I did not know what this is, all I know is I wanted it. To me it was empowering that I could be a part of something that would make other people have a good time.

MS: One of my favorite tracks on your CD is "I Wanna Be Loved" which you equate with turning forty.

KK: Yes!

MS: I actually liked turning forty I want to hear your take on it.

Photo: Ulrik Jantzen
KK: It was great! I was kind of worried about it going towards it, thirty-eight to forty I was a little like, I'm going to be forty, what does this mean? How do I feel about it? Then when I turned forty, I was having so much fun, I have great friends, fulfilling work, I'm not for want of anything. I have the best life ever! Everything is out there and exposed and "I Wanna Be Loved" and this is how I want it.

MS: Since living in Denmark how much have you grown to like curry red herring?

KK: If I call it herring, then I am like ewwwwwwwwwwww, herring! But if I call it sild, I can stomach that! (laughs)

Get more of Kristin's story at:

Monday, May 6, 2013

That Rogue Romeo: "Wonderland"

That Rogue Romeo
"So, I thought, "what is that one thing that really made me so happy and joyful"? That was writing my music. I knew I needed to pursue it and follow through with it the way I wanted to twelve years ago, or I would regret it for the rest of my life. I'm going to give it my all for as long as I can" 

- That Rogue Romeo "Chorus and Verse" to yours truly Michael Shinafelt

Romeo, Romeo, That Rogue Romeo, his real name is Kevin Stea he has had quite the ubiquitous career. From being a dance captain/dancer/choreographer on Madonna's "Blonde Ambition" tour - to appearing in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Showgirls".

Kevin wanted to break on through to the other side. and indeed he did. His latest single is "Wonderland" and like Alice it looks like Kevin has fell down a hole of some sort.

Check out my full length interview with Kevin at the jump:

And treat yourself to a "Wonderland" That Rogue Romeo style....Hit It!

                                           That Rogue Romeo "Wonderland"

Go Rogue:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scandal: Whack - A - Mole

President Grant & Olivia Pope

For you lovers of the hit TV show "Scandal" on ABC, of which I am one, the identity of the mole is the big topic amongst us fans...and will be revealed on this Thursdays pre-finale episode.

I have spoke to my friends on their theories as to who the mystery mole might be, we already know that Cyrus has been checked off the list of possible suspects. But who?

The two answers that came up from those I engaged in the topic were A) James, Cyrus's Partner or B) First Lady Mellie.

First Lady Mellie

Both are good hunches - if I was a betting man though I think I would have to go with Mellie. Why? Because she had no real fear of the repercussions of the threats Cyrus threw at her if she went public about President Grant's affair. That to me indicates there are people out there in high places that have her back, and there really is only one way she could form an alliance with people like that in my opinion.

Watch I will probably be totally off base on this one, or perhaps not, right or wrong this is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

All this being said, I must admit the recent episode contained the most shocking moment of the show for me thus far...President Grant earning Olivia Pope's love. I figured it would never happen, and if the circumstances actually did present themselves for it to happen, the interest would be gone as the love was no longer forbidden. Thanks to the clever team behind the show, they chose the unexpected and made it work!

James & Cyrus
Hard to believe this amazing show that continually surprises was the brain child of the woman behind that piece of dreck known as "Grey's Anatomy" Shonda Rhimes, kudos to her giving us a show to talk about around the water cooler each week that is actually exciting and scandalous.

Got "Scandal"?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Do May Flowers Bring? Pentatonix


Vocal sensations and winners of season 3 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” Pentatonix have had a whirlwind week with their latest YouTube video – “Evolution Of Music” – garnering nearly 7 million in the 6 days since its debut.  The video spans 1000 years of music in just 4 minutes, featuring some of the most popular songs from the last dozen centuries, and has been featured by The Huffington Post, Ryan Seacrest, Mashable and even got some radio love from New York City’s Z100. 

Additionally, “Oh Holy Night,” the Christmas classic and standout track from PTX’s 2012 Christmas EP, was featured on last week’s episode of NBC’s Community. 

Pentatonix also recently teamed up with dubstep violinist Lindsey Stirling on a cover of Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.”  The video has a combined 12 million cumulative YouTube views and the single, now available via iTunes, debuted in its top 100.  
PTX & Lindsey Stirling

This follows the success of the group’s previous offerings, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” which surpassed the six million-view mark, an *NSYNC medley and a Swedish House Mafia mash-up.  All of the arrangements are performed on the group’s current tour, which continues through May.   

On top of their live performance  and YouTube release schedules, Pentatonix are also arranging and recording PTX Vol 2,  planned for an early Summer release.
After winning the most recent season of NBC’s “The Sing Off,” Pentatonix enjoyed a whirlwind of success in 2012.  

They released 2 EP’s – PTX Vol 1 & PTXmas – twice debuting on Billboard’s Top 200 and selling a combined 100,000 albums and counting.  Their television appearances included The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, The Katie Couric Show, The Talk, The American Music Awards Red Carpet Show and VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live!  They have been regularly featured by and Perez Hilton.  The Philadelphia Inquirer reviewed their fall tour and said:

No strictly vocal act sounds more ecstatic in triumph than Pentatonix… Euphoric best describes the joyful, self-described “futuristic a cappella” quintet who played before a wildly enthusiastic Philly audience.

Pentatonix are taking instrument-free music far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.  Named after the world’s most widely recognized five-note musical scale, this vocal quintet has transformed one of pop music’s purest and most soulful expressions into an exciting future, filled with limitless sonic possibility.  Pairing their intricate arrangements with cleverly re-imagined pop songs, Pentatonix have quickly cultivated a sound and style that is entirely unique and undeniably infectious. 

Just a year old, the Pentatonix YouTube channel boasts over 70 million views, buoyed by more than 800,000 subscribers.  The group also has more than 290,000 Facebook fans and nearly 85,000 twitter followers.

It's a PTX World At:


PTX Official:

Remaining 2013 TOUR DATES

May 2013
2                      Wilma                                            Missoula, MT
4                      Knitting Factory Concert House Boise, ID
5                      Crystal Ballroom                        Portland, OR
7                      Knitting Factory Concert House Spokane, WA
9                      Vogue Theatre                             Vancouver, BC
11                    Showbox SODO                           Seattle, WA