Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being Justin Timberlake: Kevin "K-O" Olusola

Kevin "K-O" Olusola
Just when you thought you had been there and done all that with the amazing acapella group Pentatonix, along comes resident Cello aficionado Kevin "K-O" Olusola to take the talent of the group to a whole new level.

Kevin let's loose his inner Justin Timberlake with a cover of "Mirrors" that is vocal free...That's right it's Kevin and his cello cranking it out for your entertainment.

Just how much more talent can the PTX'ers mine Together? Solo? Remains to be seen, but judging from "K-O's" cover and video the well of possibilities is endless.....!

                                                                "Mirrors" Video

Check out Kevin and the PTX gang at:

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