Sunday, May 19, 2013

Comic Book: The Stonewall Riots

Have you ever heard of The Stonewall Riots? Well if you haven't heard of them you should and the talented team at Bluewater Productions wants to help make sure that you do. They are currently funding a Comic Book Project based on the historic incident that kicked off the gay rights movement. Rather than listen to me about why you should be a part of this I have, the writer of the comic, Michael Troy here to give you ten good reasons why, there should be a comic book about The Stonewall Riots, go for it Michael!

Michael Troy:

Michael Troy
10. Comics are cool.

9. There isn't one.

8. It keeps the history alive in a fresh new format.

7. Marriage equality is a hot button issue and this is where most believe Gay Rights started.

6. It's a good way to appeal to gay youth for an important history lesson.

5. It's a way to pay tribute and honor the memories of our forefathers (and foresisters, um.)

4. It has drag queens in it.

3. it has gay men from the late 60's in it.

2. It's never been done before.

1. Best reason? I wrote it : ) 

Well those are ten very persuasive reasons, and here is another, check out some of the promotional artwork for the project below:

Check out Bluewater Productions full funding campaign for The Stonewall Riots and give a little or a lot at:

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