Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scandal: Whack - A - Mole

President Grant & Olivia Pope

For you lovers of the hit TV show "Scandal" on ABC, of which I am one, the identity of the mole is the big topic amongst us fans...and will be revealed on this Thursdays pre-finale episode.

I have spoke to my friends on their theories as to who the mystery mole might be, we already know that Cyrus has been checked off the list of possible suspects. But who?

The two answers that came up from those I engaged in the topic were A) James, Cyrus's Partner or B) First Lady Mellie.

First Lady Mellie

Both are good hunches - if I was a betting man though I think I would have to go with Mellie. Why? Because she had no real fear of the repercussions of the threats Cyrus threw at her if she went public about President Grant's affair. That to me indicates there are people out there in high places that have her back, and there really is only one way she could form an alliance with people like that in my opinion.

Watch I will probably be totally off base on this one, or perhaps not, right or wrong this is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

All this being said, I must admit the recent episode contained the most shocking moment of the show for me thus far...President Grant earning Olivia Pope's love. I figured it would never happen, and if the circumstances actually did present themselves for it to happen, the interest would be gone as the love was no longer forbidden. Thanks to the clever team behind the show, they chose the unexpected and made it work!

James & Cyrus
Hard to believe this amazing show that continually surprises was the brain child of the woman behind that piece of dreck known as "Grey's Anatomy" Shonda Rhimes, kudos to her giving us a show to talk about around the water cooler each week that is actually exciting and scandalous.

Got "Scandal"?

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