Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unconditional Love Shara Strand: "I Will Carry You"

"I'm more about telling a story than I am about vocal gymnastics" Pop Princess Shara Strand to yours truly, Michael Shinafelt "Chorus and Verse"

When I first interviewed Shara Strand for "Chorus and Verse" I knew she was something special, not only was she a gifted singer, she was also a ball of positive energy that is so infectious you can not help liking her.

The release of her second single "I Will Carry You" really hits all of this home, let's hear what Shara has to say about it:

"I Will Carry You" is a song about true love, partnership, and support- and mirrors the great place I am in now, after the "Jekyll or Hyde" type relationships. I am so happy my second single is released and hope my fans love many of the remixes"!

Thanks Shara!

Puppy Love: Shara & Coco

That kind of unconditional love also extends to animals. Shara has partnered with the American Humane Association who Shara asked if she could share some of the royalties from "I Will Carry You" with them. They of course gave her an enthusiastic "Yes".

 By the way Shara's Pomeranian Coco recently celebrated her first Birthday. 

Shara's follow up to "Jekyll or Hyde" is sure to be smash!

Let Shara "Carry You" at:

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