Sunday, June 2, 2013

Punk Princess: Ariel Beez

Photo: Dylan Jet

"I play the ukulele, and I sing, too" - Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane "Some Like It Hot"

You may be scratching your collective heads right now and asking yourself "What does a quote from the classic "Some Like It Hot" have to do with a "Punk Princess"? 

Let's put it this way: "You'll find out"... Ms. Beez the former lead singer of the punk band "Snow White & the 7 Slutz" is now officially a solo act who resides in New York and is a poetry major, that's right she sings, she writes her own songs and guess what? Plays the ukulele, and she's a model...It's time to get your punk on, Ariel style.

MS: Hey Ariel, catch me up on what's been happening with your music.

AB: I've been playing a lot of open mics in New York, I'm also learning more covers to mix in with my original songs. Recently I learned "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "You'll Always Hurt The One You Love" I really like working with classics on my ukulele. Basically I've been doing solo shows and messing about with my material.

MS: The ukulele is a unique instrument to play, what made you take it up?

AB: Actually what happened my Dad is a Director and was working in Hawaii on the show "Hawaii 5-0" about two years ago. He came back with ukulele and told me he was going to start learning, and I asked if I could mess about with it, and he said "yeah no problem". So I went outside and wrote a song with it in an hour. It's an amazing instrument, anyone can play it. I'm in love with it, I write most of my songs on it.

MS: How cool!

AB: Yeah, I had to go out and buy my own ukulele after that because I am so obsessed with it.

MS: Glad to hear you are doing some covers, they help establish you when you are coming up.

Photo: Jamie Wise
AB: Yeah, I only do a few covers, I have been pretty successful with my own songs. Also whenever I need extra money I go busking in New York, in Union Square or something. I bring my ukulele out put the case down and try to make a couple of bucks, that's been working really well. A guy filmed me from Norwegian Television, and random people videotape me it's great exposure and it's just fun to play for random people.

MS: Sounds like a blast!

AB: My music is on Band Camp, which is really an amazing tool. I put my album up for free on it, but you can pay for my music through my Paypal account if you care to. People can also E-mail you on it, I've gotten E-mails from all over the world, from people who listen to my music. I got one from Sweden from a guy named Christopher who told me he has been listening to my music for a while and he wanted to let me know.  Well thanks for telling me Christopher from Sweden, that's really cool!

MS: I know for a fact there are lots of people out there who know who you are.

AB: It's fun! I've gotten recognized in some super random places for my music, it's pretty cool.

MS: Any weird stories yet?

AB: Not yet, people mostly come up to me and say they recognize my from my photo on Band Camp.

MS: What's the most current song you have out?

AB: Oh, God, the last song I wrote that I actually posted was called "The Day I Stayed in Bed" It's basically about how I like writing songs in bed, and how I don't want to get out of my bed, but I will, one day. (laughs) 

MS: Is that where you usually write songs?

AB: There and in my room, or I'll go to a park or something. Sometimes I'll walk somewhere and when I feel inspired I'll sit down and start writing.

MS: Your currently majoring in poetry.

AB: It's actually a literary studies major with an emphasis in poetry. Songs in my mind are just poetry set to music. 

Go to Band Camp with Ariel:

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