Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When Sharks Fly, "Sharknado"!

You know the old saying "When Pigs Fly"? Well I thought that would actually happen before the sharks did it, I thought wrong.

The Asylum and Syfy have brought us yet another ridiculous, low budget thriller with sharks, tornadoes, "Sharknado" need they say more? Uh not really, the trailer and tag line are genius, and so is the cheesy title, which when I commented on my Facebook page that I was finally catching the wave and seeing the movie last night an industry friend responded stating that they registered the title then wrote the script, and it shows.

"Sharknado" is more about concept than content. The IMDB synopsis doesn't even list anything about characters it reads like this: "When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature's deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace".

This sums of the film completely, there is something also going on about some friends from a bar and a husband and wife who are separated and their kids I think too. 

Mainly it's all about the silliest concept in the world being a fun B Movie ride. Some of my favorite slices of cheese from "Sharknado"?

1) Where the sky is dark and stormy and in the next shot is sunny and clear.

2) The actors get soaking wet and dirty and are picture perfect the next second.

3) Our intrepid gang of actors are driving, or doing battle with sharks in a flooded area that is mysteriously not flooded in the same area, when we get a second glance.

                                                           "Sharknado" Trailer

4) A natural disaster of epic proportions is happening in Los Angeles and most of the time our rag tag gang are the only ones on the road, and when there are other people seen escaping from LA, they seem to disappear when they are not needed for dramatic effect.

5) Oh and let's not forget the sharks, how could we they are hilariously phony, except for the occasional stock footage of actual sharks spliced in from time to time.

Need I go on? I thought not...if you love this type of movie, like I do, you will have a blast!

Kudos to the actors they all gave committed convincing performances. Ian Ziering makes a great hero, and I suspect will be getting more offers to play one (aside from "Sharknado 2") in the future.

Jaason Simmons & Ian Ziering Battle Jabber Jaws
My favorite goofy scene: Ian Ziering, Jaason Simmons fighting off what looks like a a rubber shark in Tara Reid's flooded living room, and when they walk out the front door the streets that are/were flooded when they walked in are unbelievably dry. Uh, you just walked out of a flooded living room - caused by flood waters rising from the street outside - LOL!

"Sharknado" gets a Fins Up from me!

Thanks to The Asylum and The Syfy Network for a great piece of B Movie Entertainment.

Note: Hey Guys I have a great idea for a flying pig movie, get in contact with me!

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