Thursday, August 29, 2013

So Meaty! "Eat Your Words"

"Eat Your Words" is premiering Thursday September 5, 2013 at 8:30 at The Standard in Hollywood....

What is "Eat Your Words"? The press relase puts it best....

"Eat Your Words is an intimate evening of storytelling in the tradition of "The Moth" and "This American Life" hosted by Greg Walloch (The Moth,USA Network’s Characters Unite, The Howard Stern Show). The stories are inspired by a food theme — food politics, the best meal you ever ate, a food memory. Each show will feature a rotating cast of the city’s most outstanding storytellers and comedians with special guest appearances by LA area chefs, bartenders and urban foodies".

Thank you press release, let's hear more about this fun & festive evening out from the host himself, Mr. Greg Walloch!

MS: Hey Greg. so you are doing "Eat Your Words" at The Standard in Hollywood, the first Thursday of every month, what was the inspiration for the show?

Your Host: Greg Walloch
GW: Well, everyone eats and we all have stories to tell, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring the two together. People enjoy talking about food almost as much as they enjoy eating it, so I think it will be a really fun show. It's going to be stories based on food themes, it was a way for me to bring together a community of performers whose work I really enjoy! It's a fun way to create community within the neighborhood. Not only are we going to have storytellers, we are going to give chefs as well as bartenders an opportunity to tell their stories. It will be a really great way for them to interact with the community and to get people to patronize their businesses.

MS: Name five or your favorite foods for me.

GW: Oh My God, there are soooooooo many....Well of course I love cake, all my friends know that, there is a story about cake that I tell. I love really rustic, very simple food, there's just so much, it's hard to narrow it down to my top five.

MS: Most people like more than five, I thought I would try and see if I could get you to commit to that question. (laughs) Name something rustic that you generally eat.

GW: I make a dish that's like a pasta, broccoli, chicken broth & white beans. It's something that I put together that I like to eat.

MS: Everyone has a little chef in them, one time I ran out a a traditional ingredient that I normally use with something, I looked in the refrigerator and saw something else and thought: That will work. When you get to a certain point in life you know how to combine things.

GW: Yes, I think so too. I think storytelling is like cooking, you start with all these raw ingredients, and then  you put them together in a story and you've made something new out of them. There is a certain alchemy at work in both processes that share some similarities.

MS: That's really true, I never would have thought about it that way. So Greg you have to tell me about being on Howard Stern, I am a a fan.

GW: I was on Howard Stern several years ago. He was one of the first people to give me a major platform to do my work. He had a thing called: Handicapped Star Search (laughs) that was inspired by a bit that I used to do. So he called me and I was on the show a couple of times, he was great and very supportive!

MS: You can tell he is a really good guy.

GW: It was cool, I had a really great time!

"Eat Your Words" the first Thursday of every month starting September 5th at The Standard in Hollywood.

Admission is free, but reservations are recommended, to RSVP click on the link below:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chanteuse Sandy Zacky Speaks Out About Parkinson's

Sandy Zacky
Resident "Entertain Me" Chanteuse, Sandy Zacky recently spoke out about the ravages of Parkinson's when the news about Linda Ronstadt broke out. Linda was one of Sandy's favorite artists -

That being said Sandy also has a lot of first hand experience with Parkinson's, her husband, Ron has it as well.

She speaks so eloquently about Linda losing her the gift of her singing voice as well as about her husband Ron losing his speaking voice to his horrible disease that I found it worth re-posting.

Our voice, whether it be singing or speaking is the most important thing we have as human beings while we are alive. Either of them is a terrible thing to lose. Here is a re-print of Ms. Zacky's statement:

"Just heard about Linda Ronstadt, one of the finest singers in my estimation,ever. She can sing all genres so well. I just heard her the other day on Sirrius radio singing some songs from The American Songbook. It was beautifully done, I was totally impressed with her interpretation and vocals.

                                                Linda Ronstadt "Blue Bayou"

My husband has suffered from Parkinson's disease for several years now. It is a terrible disease that robs an individual of so much but most of all the essence of who they have always been. My husbands voice has weakened greatly over the years. Just his ability to converse can be difficult for him at times. I can only imagine as a singer how awful it must be to not be able to share the extraordinary gift that she had so long shared with those of us who so enjoyed her music.

My best to her and I pray she finds some joy in the love that is sent her way from her devoted fans"

Sandy & Her Husband Ron

Very well put Ms. Z. 

Follow Sandy at:

To find out more and donate go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clea Cutthroat Says "Put A Diaper On It" !

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall....
Burlesque Biotch and "Entertain Me" favorite, Clea Cutthroat is everywhere, performing with the Rock/Art Band Bonaparte, Writing her online column "Cocktails With Clea" for appropriately enough Burlesque Bitch Magazine to tantalizing people on stage in her own shows, Clea is: Up In Your Grill!
There is something that perhaps you did not know about Ms. Cutthroat she is also a charitable diva. 
Recently she took place in a YouTube campaign to supply diapers to The Sage Hospital in Senegal...let's get an update about all that and more, time to "Put A Diaper On It" Clea!
MS: How did you get involved with the bringing diapers to the Sage Hospital in Senegal?
CC: The SAGE taxi actually just picked me up off the street late one night. I had a fight with a magician, stole his dove....and was trudging along a dark road with my suitcase, body guard and bird cage, when the taxi pulled up. They asked me if I wanted a ride, and then they asked me if I would do something good for there hospital in Senegal. It was a very easy, YES!
It's such a great cause, and if literally 20 minutes of my day can help bring something positive to the children and families there, it is truly an honor. I am so flattered that they asked me.
MS: How did the task go?
CC: GREAT! I don't have the final count yet of the number of diapers that will be donated, but needless to say we got A LOT!
MS: I'm jealous, I want a disco alarm clock! Where did you ever find such a groovy item?
CC: Believe it or not, I actually gifted it to someone, and they gave it back to me. (crazy, I know). One man's another diva's disco ball extrvaganza!!!!
Clea's Charity Video
MS:Did you stuff your bra with pampers in high school too?
CC: I was actually more a roll-your-skirt-up-to-your-crotch kinda gal Catholic all girls school...I was nothing but class lol!
MS: Since you always ask yourself "What would Madonna do"? If she were aware of your Diapers for Senegal campaign do you think she would buy them for Sage Hospital or her boyfriend first?
CC: Michael...don't make fun of Madge! Her boyfriends are perfect baby angels that have six-packs and brooding eyebrows instead of angel wings. Aaaaaaaaand, I think that Queen M would be the first one showing up with trucks full of diapers...but they would probably have "Truth or Dare" written across the back!
MS: Enough of the "Diaper Talk" what else have you been up to chica?
CC: I have just gotten back from festival season with Bonaparte...we had a crazy ass show at the Kazantip Republic in the Ukraine. I don't even know how to describe that one- Bladerunner meets Showgirls meets Wild Things?! It was amazing!
I'm currently getting ready to launch Black Boulevard! My lingerie label I do together with Fraulein Kink. It will be up and online in about a month. It's been my baby for over a year, so I wasn't launching a damn thing until it is completely perfect ....and it just about is! I am REALLY excited!
I also will be performing at the 1st International Berlin Burlesque Festival in September, and also in Rome for the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award in November. I caaaan't wait! Gladiators here I come!
Perhaps Platinum....
MS: I'm bummed you are not making the trek from Berlin to Los Angeles next month.
CC: ME TOO!!! Unfortunately, it was just a matter of timing...too many tours going all in opposite directions from Los Angeles. But, I gotta make it back there so soon! I'm California dreaming already! Pass me the suntan lotion and a fish taco immediately!
MS: Yeah, I was looking forward to having margaritas and spitting blood on people with you.
CC: Awww, that would be amazing!!!!! Well, I got a pint of fake artery blood with your name on it! I also have some neon, glow in the dark, margarita we can get real fancy!
MS: Awesome! Tell me what your ultimate kitsch dream item to own would be and if it needs batteries.
CC: I'm sorry, but the only thing that I got from that question was "batteries" and all I can think of is a vibrator.
Vibrator. Vibraaator...Viiiiiiiiibrator!
OH! WAIT! I got something! A GIANT light up deco-aquarium! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!
MS:Any last words before we part?
CC: Use a condom!
Why don't you come and visit Clea sometime at:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Desperately Seeking: Avril Lavigne

Cover Art For Avril's Upcoming Album

It's been a couple of years since Ms. Avril Lavigne has put out any new music, well she's back with a new album due out this fall and she allegedly has wrote and recorded enough new songs to put out another album shortly after, when the grrrrrrrrl werks, she werks!

Up first and now is her single "Rock N Roll" - with a video that is so out there and self indulgent it can only belong to Avril, and I mean that as a compliment, hey isn't that one of the reasons the people who like her, like her?

Actually there is a source for the madness this video draws on, a movie called 'Tank Girl" starring a then known Lorie Petty as "Tank Girl" and a then unknown Naomi Watts as "Jet Girl", yes, time to cue the lesbian subtext. They battled strange/off the wall other worldly creatures in a Mad Max like desert type universe.

The video starts with Lavigne declaring she is a MotherF#cking Princess and proceeds to see her battling bear sharks, knife wielding lobsters and a villain with a head like fly, check. Everything takes place in a Mad Max desert like setting, check. Also the MotherF#cking Princess locks lips with actress Danica McKellar, what would Winnie Cooper think?! Lesbian subtext, check.

Avril Battles the Bear Shark!
Oh and Billy Zane is thrown in for good measure. T.G.I.F! Check out this loopy video that I can't get enough of and enjoy your weekend!

"Rock N Roll" & battle Bear Sharks with Avril by clicking on this link:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pentatonix: The Ceiling Can't Hold Them

Pentatonix preparing for World Domination

"Here we go back, this is the moment

Tonight is the night, well fight till its over

So we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us"

- Macklemore

The ceiling certainly can't hold Pentatnoix, thus this is the prefect song to kick off their latest EP "PTX Volume 2".

Yes, that's right after taking a trip to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" the PTX gang kick it again with another song by the Rap God "Can't Hold Us".

With their huge success in the United States the gang is currently embarking on a European takeover as well.

Yes everyone, PTX is in the process of dominating the world, no the ceiling can't hold these guys!

                                                             "Can't Hold Us" Video

Get dominated PTX Style at:

Turning European? Here are the tours dates:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

R.I.P: Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly passed away from problems having to do with addiction today, although she had only copped to alcohol addiction in the past, judging by the recent photo I have seen of her, I suspect drugs might have been involved.

She will always be known best for her role as Laurie Forman - Eric Forman's older sister on "That 70's Show".

Creative people in general tend to be predisposed to alcohol and drug abuse and Lisa was no exception. The lucky ones are able to beat their demons, unfortunately her demons got hold of her before she tamed them.

Let's remember Lisa as the vibrant human being she was, someone who entertained us all as one of the best "Mean Girls" on TV.
The "That 70's Show" Gang

Thank You, Lisa Kelly for bringing Laurie Forman to life, the character and the show will live on in syndication and our memories forever.


Lisa on IMDB:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Go Flapper! "Return to Babylon"

With the monetary and critical success of "The Artist" it looks like Silent Movies are making a comeback.

Director/Writer/Actor Alex Monty Canawati's "Return to Babylon" proves this point quite nicely, a homage to a gone by era and it's Gods and Goddesses that graced the silver screen. Starring some really great actors, like Jennifer Tilly as a perfectly cast Clara Bow, Debi Mazar as Gloria Swanson and Maria Conchita Alonso as Lupe Velez, "Return to Babylon" is a lovely piece of work.

Thanks to Mr. Canawati who, by the way plays Rudolph Valentino in the picture, for inviting me to the World Premiere at Maxwell DeMille's Cicada Club, held where else, at Cicada Restaurant located in Downtown Los Angeles.

On hand was special guest of honor Giovanni Guglielmi - Rudolph Valentino's Great Nephew - so rather than me continue writing about this special event, that had a dress to impress mandate in the invite, check out the images I snapped while there...Enjoy!
Giovanni Guglielmi & Alex Monty Canawati

The Festive Crowd

Mr. DeMille I Presume

The 1920's Live!
The Entrance to Cicada
                                                     The Trailer For "Return To Babylon"

Looking Good Guys

The Glamour

"Return To Babylon" at: 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

R.I.P: Karen Black

Karen Black was one of my favorite and Best Actresses that ever graced the silver screen.

She starred in many high profile films: "Easy Rider", "Airport 75", "Nashville", "Alfred Hitchcock's Family Plot" & one of the best horror movies ever "Trilogy of Terror" - "Yes" I am a horror fan!

However my personal favorite film Ms. Black was in was John Schlesinger's ode to Hollywood reality and it's desperate losers. 

"The Day of the Locust" is anything but a cheerful, light look at Hollywood in the '30s. It recreates both the town as well as the filmmaking world around which much of the town revolved with devastating accuracy. The movie tells the twin tales of talentless wannabe actress Faye Greener (Karen Black) and Homer Simpson (Donald Sutherland), a lovelorn accountant who couldn't care less about movies. Around this framework, a huge and intricate social network is tellingly revealed, until the film'sgruesome and tragic ending. Not for those who prefer to hang onto their illusions about the glory days of Hollywood, "The Day of the Locust", is based on the novel by Nathanael West"

Karen Black was great in all of her films, this movie however to me was the best performance of her career, it was that rare moment where every element of a project gels and is total perfection, I have seen "The Day of the Locust" five times and love it every single viewing.

Ms. Black passed away today from pancreatic cancer, so sad she had to die in such an awful manner.

R.I.P. Sweet lady, you had an amazing life and career, thanks for the memories.

Karen Black on IMDB:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Capital Cities: MTV VMA'S, A Gold Single & More...Oh My!


Capital Cities is co-headlining the feel-good event of the fall concert season: “Bright Futures Tour” with Fitz and The Tantrums. The two high-energy, Los Angeles-based bands will kick off the U.S. run on October 20 at The National in Richmond, VA. Tickets are on sale now for the outing, which will include shows at Roseland Ballroom in New York City (October 23) and Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club (October 30).

Capital Cities have taken the world by storm with the break out hit “Safe and Sound,” which is approaching Platinum status in the U.S., where it’s a multi-format smash at radio. After hitting No. 1 at Modern Rock, it’s now Top 10 at Triple A, Top 15 at Top 40 and Top 15 at Hot AC. Featured on the band’s debut album, In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery, it’s in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, has over four million streams on Spotify and is the #4 most Shazam-ed track in America. “Safe and Sound” has been heard on “American Idol,” “TODAY,” “90210” and in more than a half dozen promotional campaigns, including spots for Nike, HBO and Smart Car. The track has already gone Platinum in Germany and Gold in Canada.

The official "Safe and Sound" video– directed by Grady Hall (Beck, Modest Mouse) – recently picked up two MTV Video Music Award nominations: Best Visual Effects and Best Art Direction. The clip, which has racked up over eight million views, is a mash-up of the past 100 years of dance, presided over by front men Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian at the historic Los Angeles Theatre. It was choreographed by Mandy Moore(“So You Think You Can Dance,” Silver Linings Playbook).

Capital Cities – founded by Merchant and Simonian, two L.A.-based jingle writers who met on Craigslist – recently performed “Safe and Sound” on the outdoor stage of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” You can view their appearance.   The band also recently performed at the Grove Summer Concert Series where over 7,500 people were in attendance.

Modern rock stations such as KROQ and 98/7 in Los Angeles and Live105 in San Francisco have already jumped on the band’s follow up single, “Kangaroo Court,” which Billboard hailed as a “summer jam if we’ve ever heard one.” The band – which USA Today praised for its “playful fusion of pop, rock and EDM” in a recent “On the Verge” feature – continues its world tour, with dates in Japan, Korea, Europe and North America.

Capital Cities – Upcoming Tour Dates
8/10                 Osaka, Japan              Summersonic
8/11                 Osaka, Japan              Summersonic
8/14                 Seoul, South Korea     Supersonic
8/17                 Sterling Heights, MI    MoPop Music Festival – Freedom Hill Amphitheatre
8/23                Eugene, OR                Kaleidoscope Music Festival
8/24                Salt Lake City, UT      The Gallivan Center – X96 Big Ass Show
8/25                 Monterey, CA             First City Festival – Monterey County Fairgrounds
8/30                 Chicago, IL                  North Coast Music Festival
8/31                 Calgary, AB                X-fest – Fort Calgary
9/3                   Luxembourg                Den Atelier
9/4                   Amsterdam                 Melkweg Oude Zaal
9/5                   Hamburg                     Docks
9/6-7                Berlin                           Berlin Festival 2013
9/9                   Frankfurt                     Gibson
9/10                 Munich                        Muffathalle
9/11                 Milan                           Magazzini Generali
9/13                 Lisbon                          Santiago Alquimista
9/14                 Madrid                         DCode Fest 2013
9/16                 Paris                            Nouveau Casino
9/17                 Cologne                       E-Werk
9/18                 Antwerp                       TRIX Centrum voor Muziek
9/19                 London                        XOYO
9/20-21            Atlanta, GA                 Music Midtown 2013
9/21-22            Denver, CO                Riot Fest 2013
10/12-13          Mexico City                 Festival Corona Capital 2013
10/20               Richmond, VA            The National *
10/23               New York, NY             Roseland Ballroom *
10/24               Boston, MA                 House of Blues *
10/25               Wallingford, CT           The Dome at Oakdale Theater *
10/27-28          Las Vegas, NV            Life Is Beautiful Festival
10/28               Boston, MA                House of Blues *
10/29               Clifton Park, NY          Upstate Concert Hall *
10/30               Washington, DC          9:30 Club *
11/2                 Los Angeles, CA         The Greek Theatre
(opening for Two Door Cinema Club)
11/13               Athens, OH                 Ohio University *
11/15               Cleveland, OH            House of Blues *
11/21               Maplewood, MN         Myth *
11/23               Milwaukee, WI            The Rave *
* w/Fitz and The Tantrums
For more about Capital Cities, please visit:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Iggy And The Stooges Go Techno-Geek !

I sat naked next to Iggy in the Steam Room at the gym I used to go to in Los Angeles once and had a conversation with him, he is as cool as his music...!

Iggy and the Stooges to Headline C2SV Festival
in Silicon Valley as Tech Fans and Music Lovers Converge on Downtown San Jose Sept. 26-29, 2013

Beakthrough Event to Showcase Emerging Acts, Advanced Ideas and Disruptive Innovation in a Festive Urban Environment

Pivotal Silicon Valley innovators will converge on their home turf with some of the biggest names in music when THE C2SV TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE + MUSIC FESTIVAL,headlined by protopunk legends Iggy and the Stooges, takes over Downtown San Jose to celebrate the digital culture explosion Thursday, Sept. 26 through Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013.

Early-bird tickets for C2SV (Creative Convergence Silicon Valley), including multi-venue music passes and technology conference passes and wristbands, are on sale NOW at :

The newly re-branded festival expands on the success of last year’s inaugural Silicon Valley Sound Experience to showcase more than 70 emerging and established acts in over a dozen downtown venues as well as St. James Park, site of the Sept. 28 outdoor concert that will be headlined by Iggy and the Stooges. Other acts on board for C2SV include ‘90s alt-rock pioneers The Lemonheads, electro-pop duo The Limousines, Oakland’s The Coup, featuring Boots Riley and DJ Pam the Funkstress, and modern funk pioneer Dam-Funk.

On the tech side, Robert Scoble (Rackspace, Scobleizer), Jeff Stibel(Author of bestseller “Breakpoint”), Nolan Bushnell (inventor of the first videogame and founder of Atari), Chris Anderson (3D Robotics, former editor of Wired), Andre Haddad (CEO, RelayRides), Steve Westly (venture capitalist and former California comptroller), Hugh Williams (Ebay) and Steve Kirsch (InfoseekOneID) are among the more than 200 speakers who will share new ideas during presentations and panels at the technology conference. Scoble will moderate the keynote session that opens the technology programming which, over the course of three days, will explore a compelling range of topics such as the sharing economy, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, transmedia, mobile applications, social media and societal impacts of rapid technology change.

Many more acts and tech luminaries will be announced soon.

C2SV provides an exciting new platform for sharing ideas, discovering new music and, of course, having a lot of fun in the heart of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the global digital revolution and a driving force behind the mega-festival industry. Technology and music events across the country have become a place to network, collaborate, launch companies and promote bands. C2SV invitesthe world to experience live music with Silicon Valley technology on its home turf.

“With so much musical and technological talent here, it seemed obvious that there needed to be a local event for performers and technology innovators to network, collaborate and get a little crazy,” said C2SV organizer and longtime Silicon Valley journalist Dan Pulcrano. “Sure there are popular conference/festivals in Toronto, Portland, Austin and elsewhere. But C2SV will have a uniquely Silicon Valley stamp on it, with our legendary sunshine overhead and relaxed urban culture as a backdrop.”

C2SV also is an opportunity for the valley’s hard working technical workforce to experience a festival of music and advanced ideas without having to sleep on someone’s couch in another city. The conference and accompanying expo will inaugurate the new wing of the San Jose McEneryConvention Center, a $120 million expansion that will open in September.

Here is the first round of C2SV acts. More acts will be announced shortly:

The Coup
Black Milk
Mondo Generator
The Limousines
Fatso Jetson
DAM Funk

Go "Geek" with Iggy at:

Friday, August 2, 2013

Eric Himan Sheds His "Red Hot Tears"

Eric Himan
"It's my very first DVD, "Under The Ink". In the age of YouTube, many people are like, "You don't even need a DVD." But I think there is still something to having a whole concert presentation" - Eric Himan

This is from my interview with Eric about his concert DVD "Under The Ink" for "Chorus and Verse", you can jump and read it here:

Well Mr. Himan is back with an amazing pop/rock/blues combo single "Red Hot Tears" from his album "Gracefully" - Yep, I used the A-Word, so you know I mean business!

Let me give it up for Eric so you can hear about it from him:

"From my amazing backup singers (Tylisha Oliver and Tina Phillips) to my horn section (Ryan Tedder and Dave Johnson), it is not hard to hear "Red Hot Tears" is different from my previous work. I've always loved writing in different genres but this sound feels more like me than any other. The CD, Gracefully, and music video were both shot in my hometown of Tulsa, OK which is a first. Very proud of that."

Thanks Eric! Check out the video for the song "Red Hot Tears" below...kick it!

"Red Hot Tears"

Enter the world of Eric at:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alert! Diana Ross & Pentatonix @ The Hollywood Bowl Saturday August 3rd!

Diana Ross

"Entertain Me" favorites Pentatonix to open for the legendary Diana Ross this Saturday at the famed Hollywood Bowl!



Opening Acts:

Members of the Ross Family – Evan and Rhonda Ross – and
Vocal Sensations and YouTube Phenom Pentatonix


WHAT: Legendary entertainer Diana Ross comes to the Hollywood Bowl, Saturday, August 3, at 8 pm. The special one-night-only performance will feature selections from her impressive and expansive career, that spans more than four decades!

Opening for Ms. Ross is Rhonda Ross, followed by Pentatonix, the vocal sensation and winner of season 3 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” The quintet’s latest YouTube video, “Evolution of Music,” has garnered more than 15 million views, while their YouTube channel has over 1.1 million subscribers and 100 million views. The group is comprised of lead vocalists Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado and Mitch Grassi; vocal bass Avi Kaplan and beatboxer Kevin “K.O.” Olusola. Evan Ross is the last of the opening performers.

Diana Ross has had a profound influence on American popular culture and has become an icon in the entertainment industry. She is an Academy Award-nominated actress for her unforgettable role as Billie Holiday in Lady Sings The Blues, a Tony and Golden Globe winner, a best-selling author, winner of eight American Music Awards and a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors and the Grammy Lifetime
Achievement Award. Her reputation as a woman of great style and beauty has put her on the covers of hundreds of magazines. Ms. Ross has sold more than 100 million records and recorded 18 No. 1 hits. Her music became the sound of young America in the ‘60s soon after she signed with Motown Records in 1961 with The Supremes. She embarked on her extraordinary solo career in 1970, and has not stopped since performing to fans around the world.

For full artists biographies, please visit:

WHEN: Saturday, August 3, at 8 PM

2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068

TICKETS: Subscriptions and single tickets are available now for the Hollywood Bowl 2013 summer season at:  or, or via phone at 323.850.2000 or 800.745.3000 and in person at the Hollywood Bowl Box Office. For more information, please call 323.850.2000.