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Clea Cutthroat Says "Put A Diaper On It" !

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall....
Burlesque Biotch and "Entertain Me" favorite, Clea Cutthroat is everywhere, performing with the Rock/Art Band Bonaparte, Writing her online column "Cocktails With Clea" for appropriately enough Burlesque Bitch Magazine to tantalizing people on stage in her own shows, Clea is: Up In Your Grill!
There is something that perhaps you did not know about Ms. Cutthroat she is also a charitable diva. 
Recently she took place in a YouTube campaign to supply diapers to The Sage Hospital in Senegal...let's get an update about all that and more, time to "Put A Diaper On It" Clea!
MS: How did you get involved with the bringing diapers to the Sage Hospital in Senegal?
CC: The SAGE taxi actually just picked me up off the street late one night. I had a fight with a magician, stole his dove....and was trudging along a dark road with my suitcase, body guard and bird cage, when the taxi pulled up. They asked me if I wanted a ride, and then they asked me if I would do something good for there hospital in Senegal. It was a very easy, YES!
It's such a great cause, and if literally 20 minutes of my day can help bring something positive to the children and families there, it is truly an honor. I am so flattered that they asked me.
MS: How did the task go?
CC: GREAT! I don't have the final count yet of the number of diapers that will be donated, but needless to say we got A LOT!
MS: I'm jealous, I want a disco alarm clock! Where did you ever find such a groovy item?
CC: Believe it or not, I actually gifted it to someone, and they gave it back to me. (crazy, I know). One man's another diva's disco ball extrvaganza!!!!
Clea's Charity Video
MS:Did you stuff your bra with pampers in high school too?
CC: I was actually more a roll-your-skirt-up-to-your-crotch kinda gal Catholic all girls school...I was nothing but class lol!
MS: Since you always ask yourself "What would Madonna do"? If she were aware of your Diapers for Senegal campaign do you think she would buy them for Sage Hospital or her boyfriend first?
CC: Michael...don't make fun of Madge! Her boyfriends are perfect baby angels that have six-packs and brooding eyebrows instead of angel wings. Aaaaaaaaand, I think that Queen M would be the first one showing up with trucks full of diapers...but they would probably have "Truth or Dare" written across the back!
MS: Enough of the "Diaper Talk" what else have you been up to chica?
CC: I have just gotten back from festival season with Bonaparte...we had a crazy ass show at the Kazantip Republic in the Ukraine. I don't even know how to describe that one- Bladerunner meets Showgirls meets Wild Things?! It was amazing!
I'm currently getting ready to launch Black Boulevard! My lingerie label I do together with Fraulein Kink. It will be up and online in about a month. It's been my baby for over a year, so I wasn't launching a damn thing until it is completely perfect ....and it just about is! I am REALLY excited!
I also will be performing at the 1st International Berlin Burlesque Festival in September, and also in Rome for the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award in November. I caaaan't wait! Gladiators here I come!
Perhaps Platinum....
MS: I'm bummed you are not making the trek from Berlin to Los Angeles next month.
CC: ME TOO!!! Unfortunately, it was just a matter of timing...too many tours going all in opposite directions from Los Angeles. But, I gotta make it back there so soon! I'm California dreaming already! Pass me the suntan lotion and a fish taco immediately!
MS: Yeah, I was looking forward to having margaritas and spitting blood on people with you.
CC: Awww, that would be amazing!!!!! Well, I got a pint of fake artery blood with your name on it! I also have some neon, glow in the dark, margarita we can get real fancy!
MS: Awesome! Tell me what your ultimate kitsch dream item to own would be and if it needs batteries.
CC: I'm sorry, but the only thing that I got from that question was "batteries" and all I can think of is a vibrator.
Vibrator. Vibraaator...Viiiiiiiiibrator!
OH! WAIT! I got something! A GIANT light up deco-aquarium! I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!
MS:Any last words before we part?
CC: Use a condom!
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