Thursday, August 22, 2013

Desperately Seeking: Avril Lavigne

Cover Art For Avril's Upcoming Album

It's been a couple of years since Ms. Avril Lavigne has put out any new music, well she's back with a new album due out this fall and she allegedly has wrote and recorded enough new songs to put out another album shortly after, when the grrrrrrrrl werks, she werks!

Up first and now is her single "Rock N Roll" - with a video that is so out there and self indulgent it can only belong to Avril, and I mean that as a compliment, hey isn't that one of the reasons the people who like her, like her?

Actually there is a source for the madness this video draws on, a movie called 'Tank Girl" starring a then known Lorie Petty as "Tank Girl" and a then unknown Naomi Watts as "Jet Girl", yes, time to cue the lesbian subtext. They battled strange/off the wall other worldly creatures in a Mad Max like desert type universe.

The video starts with Lavigne declaring she is a MotherF#cking Princess and proceeds to see her battling bear sharks, knife wielding lobsters and a villain with a head like fly, check. Everything takes place in a Mad Max desert like setting, check. Also the MotherF#cking Princess locks lips with actress Danica McKellar, what would Winnie Cooper think?! Lesbian subtext, check.

Avril Battles the Bear Shark!
Oh and Billy Zane is thrown in for good measure. T.G.I.F! Check out this loopy video that I can't get enough of and enjoy your weekend!

"Rock N Roll" & battle Bear Sharks with Avril by clicking on this link:

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