Friday, August 2, 2013

Eric Himan Sheds His "Red Hot Tears"

Eric Himan
"It's my very first DVD, "Under The Ink". In the age of YouTube, many people are like, "You don't even need a DVD." But I think there is still something to having a whole concert presentation" - Eric Himan

This is from my interview with Eric about his concert DVD "Under The Ink" for "Chorus and Verse", you can jump and read it here:

Well Mr. Himan is back with an amazing pop/rock/blues combo single "Red Hot Tears" from his album "Gracefully" - Yep, I used the A-Word, so you know I mean business!

Let me give it up for Eric so you can hear about it from him:

"From my amazing backup singers (Tylisha Oliver and Tina Phillips) to my horn section (Ryan Tedder and Dave Johnson), it is not hard to hear "Red Hot Tears" is different from my previous work. I've always loved writing in different genres but this sound feels more like me than any other. The CD, Gracefully, and music video were both shot in my hometown of Tulsa, OK which is a first. Very proud of that."

Thanks Eric! Check out the video for the song "Red Hot Tears" below...kick it!

"Red Hot Tears"

Enter the world of Eric at:

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