Saturday, September 7, 2013

Capital Cities: "Kangaroo Court" Is Now In Session

Hi, I'm An Oppressed Zebra
Capital Cities is on the move...! Hot off the heels for their MTV VMA Win, their “Safe and Sound” music video was honored with their first MTV VMA award for “Best Visual Effects,” where they bested out such fellow nominees as Duck Sauce, Flying Lotus, Skrillex (featuring The Doors), as well as The Weeknd.

Well, they have gone and have gotten all George Orwell "Animal Farm" on your ass, with their latest from their CD "In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery".

That's right, it's time to hop right into the "Kangaroo Court" where you will be judged in a quite Orwellian fashion.

Zebra's need not apply - they are prejudged and that's just the way it is. You know the whole horse of a different color thing.

Capital Cities has another VMA winner on it's hands, keep on moving guys!

Hop into "Kangaroo Court" after the jump!

                                                           "Kangaroo Court" Video

Keep Moving With Capital Cities:

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