Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cindy Alexander Is Some Kind Of "Wonderful"

Cindy Alexander
Award winning singer and songwriter, Cindy Alexander knows a thing or two about being "Wonderful".

Check out this wonderfully funny excerpt from her Bio:

"I’m a Mom of twin girls and my life is a whirlwind of pretend-play, Yo Gabba Gabba, toddler germs and MUSIC. I spend a lot of time at Target. I used to have my toe nails polished at all times but now they are on the back burner until Chip tells me I look “ghetto” and begs me to go to the salon. I love those days…at the salon, not being called “ghetto.” I crave guacamole, constantly (except when I was pregnant). I can turn any conversation into a song. I cry easily but I laugh even easier. I give everything away. I’m loyal to a fault. I’m moody. I clench my jaw when I sleep sometimes. I love my family. They love me too. My nickname is “pnut” (like peanut). I have the greatest friends on earth. I have very few socks that match. Somewhere there is a black hole with all my miscellaneous socks….and my guitar picks. I’m lucky and I’m blessed. I am passionate about cancer prevention, awareness and finding a cure. Add to that heart disease. I believe in Love. I Love. And I am Loved. And some people say that I’m a highly functioning dysfunctional, the most organized disorganized person you will ever meet but I manage to get stuff done…eventually. I agree with them. Oh, and I write songs and sing to say relatively sane"

Ha! Well in case you haven't guessed it the amazing Cindy has a new song out with the moniker "Wonderful"

So Cindy, define "Wonderful" for us...

"The song is about self acceptance and not needing anyone else's validation. Wonderful - that which embodies a sense of delight, joy, spirit and a little extra somethin'"

Right on! There's something to be said for self love, uh, does that sound weird? Whatever it doesn't matter, because hey I don't need your validation and I'm gonna go and express my sense of joy and check out the song and video for Cindy's "Wonderful" join me...by clicking on the link after the jump!

The Video for "Wonderful" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzZoMVqrV5g

Got Cindy? Log on to: http://www.cindyalexander.com/

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