Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dancing With The Stars Season 17

Dancing With The Stars Cast Season 17

For the first time ever I watched a full episode of "Dancing With the Stars" while I am still not a converted loyal fan, let's say they actually have a cast with more actual "stars" than usual and two of the actors on the show, no doubt aimed as a get toward the youth market, Amber Riley of "Glee" and Brant Daugherty of "Pretty Little Liars" are actually working currently on their respective shows.

While I'm not sure how past seasons went overall, the dancing talent is very strong this year and should provide for some fierce competition!

Rather than review a show I never really watch, let me give you the reasons I actually did:

1. Elizabeth Berkley - Despite having worked steadily under the radar for years after "Showgirls" it's time to for her to do something big and attention getting...DWTS is the perfect vehicle for her to do that. She, to me is also a star, how many performers out there have to iconic things under their belt that are the fabric of American Culture, with "Saved by the Bell" reruns on daily around the world and the most infamous "Showgirls"...Oh and by the way I want her to win.

2. Leah Remini - She will always be remembered for the long running sitcom "King of Queens" and currently known as Leah Remini, Scientology Refugee. This makes her present currency very intriguing. Leaving Scientology makes her the ultimate Hollywood Bad Ass, she already was one, but now...also of note she was a Guest Star on "Saved by the Bell" an episode which I ironically saw in the middle of the night drunk in a Vegas Hotel room with my friend Karen Castrischer.

Go Elizabeth!
3. Jack Osbourne - This was not the initial reason I tuned in, but his dancing was so surprising and good, that I would like to see how he progresses. Hey he's Ozzy and Sharon's spawn & former contestant Kelly Osbourne's brother.

4. Brant Daugherty - Hey he's hunky and he's Noel Kahn from one of my favorite shows "Pretty Little Liars". Also he and his dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd have sizzling chemistry, I would tune in to see that week after week...I am betting they end up hooking up off the dance floor too.

5. Valarie Harper - I am grudgingly giving her props for appearing on the show as I personally have mixed feelings about it. She was already given an unfair score - a 21 out of 30. She was OK, but should have received an 18 in my opinion and it annoys me she will get preferential treatment because of her condition. However it is inspiring to see her drag her 73 year old booty out there with brain cancer and all...most of all like Elizabeth Berkley she is a cultural icon, "Rhoda" anyone?

So there you have reasons I tuned in to my first full episode of DWTS and why I may continue to check it out week after week, or at least catch the highlights somewhere.

Dance your ass off! At: http://abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars

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