Monday, September 9, 2013

It's "The Dr. Nina Show"

Dr. Nina is on a mission to help you "Win The Diet War" with her practice, podcast and her award winning blog.
Just when you thought there was nothing else the amazing Dr. Nina could pull out of her hat along comes her bi-weekly broadcast on YouTube - "The Dr. Nina Show"!
Dr. Nina's advice is very sound and logical and she offers very simple tips on re-thinking how you relate to yourself in terms of food. That's right people, it's not about the food, it's about the importance and power you put on it in your life.
Let's check in with Dr. N and see what she has to say about all this jazz:
"If people are struggling with overeating or binge eating, I tell them that whatever is going on with food is a "symptom" of the problem, not the actual problem (although it feels like "the" problem). Overeating is a "frenemy" - it helps you cope with painful or upsetting things, but it also hurts you.
It's important to address the underlying reasons you turn to food in the first place. When you can identify and work through those core reasons, and when you can use words for comfort and/support, you won't need food to cope".
Oh Dr. Nina knows of what she speaks having had my own set of circumstances that have taught me to look at things in a whole new way. This reprogramming of ones self is key to everything in life, not just food. Try it, you will be surprised at how much better your quality of being is, and if food is your issue, watch it's hold on you diminish with the most awesome show I have ever heard on the subject.
Check out an episode of "The Dr. Nina Show" below:
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