Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pato Margetic & Yvette Lopez "Broken Dreams"

Pato Margetic

The other day I received an excited text from my friend Model/Singer/Entertainer Yvette Lopez about a music video she was in with an exciting new artist Pato Margetic called: "Broken Dreams" asking me if I would write it up and help get the word out on "Entertain Me".

Well I of course said "Yes" as Yvette has been featured on here before and I have interviewed her about her own music on the site "Chorus and Verse" you can cut to our chat for C&V here:

Here is a snippet on the making of "Broken Dreams" from Pato himself....

"The story of the video starts off with a flight to Los Angeles, CA. Cosmopolitan Magazine had actually chosen me as Michigan's Bachelor of the year and flew me out to California for a photo shoot in Malibu. (Talk about feeling amazing!) Being a recording artist and musician from Detroit, I wanted to take this opportunity to expose my music. My manager Louis, who hooked up the whole Cosmo situation, got even more creative and productive with the idea to shoot a music video in Malibu scenery as well

I love the idea of course, and the song selection began...I looked through my catalog of finished songs and chose "Broken Dreams" right away for the steamy Malibu beach. The song's simple lyrics and melody speak about dancing, and letting go of all fears and doubts, yet with a hopeful message to continue to pursuing dreams. I immediately contacted my good friend, director Alex Grossfeld who recently moved to LA to see if he would be interested in shooting. Not only was he interested, but he came up with the brilliant idea to film on an 8mm camera!

Yvette Lopez
 Now that a team of professionals had agreed on a music video, the only thing missing was a leading lady. Of course we needed someone gorgeous and exotic, yet professional and ready to work. Yvette Lopez, came to my manager Louie's mind, and the team loved the idea. We could only hope that Yvette would agree...She is a well known singer, entertainer, model, and even holds the title of Miss Playboy Latina! She is also an author of a new kid's book series coming soon worldwide!" 

Pato & Yvette steam it up quite nicely on the shores of Malibu in the video and "Broken Dreams" announces the arrival of a gifted singer/songwriter/musician Pato Margetic in a big way...!

Watch the video for "Broken Dreams" here...
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