Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That Rogue Romeo Has Been "Rebuilt"

That Rogue Romeo aka Kevin Stea has gone out and, thanks to technology been "Rebuilt".
Here to tell us about his latest incarnation is That Rogue Romeo himself Mr. Kevin Stea...!
"REBUILT,"is an amazingly successful experiment in which I took the original music from Machine and Magic and commissioned remixes to see if the music held up. It is 19 tracks featuring remixes of the songs of the debut album Machine & Magic.
What I realized is that these songs are pretty solid. I told the various remixers (Djnb, Ap, F3tto, Cr3) to let go of structure. They did not have to stay attached to the original song structure. I enjoy creating something new from the visions of many. I wanted to give these remixers room to play; but I did want this album to have a club feel, however, and make people dance. I wanted to see if my tracks could in fact play in clubs. Are they danceable? That was the bottom line. I realized my goal creating dance music that has lyrical impact. I want to bring lyrical content to the club. You can dance and jump around and still something meaningful.
"Go Rogue"
I have video concepts for every song I have (written). Once I’m done writing it, I instantly switch into visual mode, which is the way I conceive the song to begin with. My songs come from a space of visualization already. I imagine entire scripts and themes for everything. So it was natural to release the official music video set to the "Machine and Magic" remix with the remix album REBUILT. This video is definitely different than any other video I’ve done. Also, I look a little closer to Kevin than That Rogue Romeo in the video. I’m hardly in make-up. This is a dance video. It’s not super high concept.
The video is the first video shot from a successful Kickstarter project to create three music videos. It is directed by superstars Brian Friedman (X-factor, Britney Spears, AGT) and Chan Andre (ID Entertainment), and features ex-PCD Carmit Bachar and 12 of LA's top young dancers (Whyley Yoshimura, Judson Emery, Jon Burdine, Zack Venegas, Malik LeNost, Ryan Ramirez, Stephanie Sy, Britt Stewart, Yoori Kim, Niesha Smith, Deana Brickley, Mason Cutler), with choreography by Tessandra Chavez, and is styled by Emmy-award winning Marina Toybina".
"Special thanks to all the Kickstarter Contributors!!!!"
Check out the official "Machine and Magic" video after the jump...!

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