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Daughter Of Chucky: Fiona Dourif

Fiona Dourif
Hey all of you Chucky Fans no doubt you've heard about the latest and one of the best films in the series "Curse of Chucky".

Of course it is not lost on you guys that the female lead bears the same last name as the voice of "Chucky" Brad Dourif.

Yes, we have the actual "Daughter of Chucky" here for an exclusive Halloween interview - Fiona Dourif!

Fiona actually carries more horror cred than being the female lead in the current "Chucky" movie as well as being his daughter, she has also appeared as "Casey" one of the Witches in Marnie's Coven on "True Blood" and was in Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology based story "The Master".

You are all in for a treat, hit it Fiona....Happy Halloween!

MS: Hi Fiona. Wow! It's four o'clock straight up!

FD: I am punctual! (laughs)

MS: I like that! Your father used to come into a video store I worked in when I first moved to Los Angeles, when I still was a little on the "star struck" side and I used to get so excited that "Chucky" was in the house.

FD: Oh God! How funny!

MS: I'm surprised this entry into the "Chucky" series went straight to video with all of the great reviews it has gotten.

FD: We weren't really sure it was going to take that direction at first.

MS: The word is it's more scary, than funny like the earlier entries.

FD: Yeah, that was the mission a return to horror.

MS: I've seen you in other things you have done, you are really good,  did they decide to cast you as the lead because of the "Chucky Connection"?

FD: You know I have no idea. I can tell you what Don Mancini (the writer/director) told me. I went up for the role of the bitchy sister, then I got a call three days later, saying I wasn't right for it, but Don thought I might be right for the lead, prepare that. I went in and I met Don, and you know, I didn't think it went that well to be honest. Then I got called back and the studio wanted to make sure I was soft and likable enough. My manager had me go back in with big eyelashes and a flower dress - and then I got it, I was really surprised. Don told me later that they had conflicting theories about me being "Chucky's Kid" they thought it might be confusing, but he thought it might be confusing in a surprising way, it's really an open ended question. I don't think the story in the movie says I'm his kid at all.

MS: Are you a horror fan yourself?

FD: Well, I wasn't one forever and when I was cast in this my boyfriend at the time was a horror writer and told me "You need to figure out what you are doing." So, I went back and watched a lot of the old stuff and have become a fan of the genre. A great horror film is the best, most primal stuff you can watch.

MS: The original "Halloween" is the first horror film my Dad took me to and it scared the shit out of me.

FD: Yeah, totally! My feeling is good writing is good writing, Don is a good writer.

Fiona at the Season 4 "True Blood" Premiere
MS: He is. Let's talk about another horror credit you have you played "Casey" a Witch in Marnie's coven on season four of...

FD: From "True Blood", yeah (laughs) that was really fun! Wait, I'm sorry I'm actually at a restaurant with the "Chucky" doll, because I am taking him to a friend's bar for the next couple of days. What happened while I was talking was the waiter just came up and tried to hit "Chucky" in the back. (laughs) It's probably the most expensive thing I own and I'm like "No"!

MS: Jeeze doesn't he know he's not real? (laughs) You were in "The Master" which was controversial as it is based around the beliefs of Scientology.

FD: Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite Directors. I think "Magnolia" is one of the great American Masterpieces. I shot a lot of things most of it got cut out, I ended basically not being in the movie, that happened to so many people that were in that movie. The final cut is pretty much like a skeleton of what the original movie was. It 's OK, I got upset, but I got over it.

MS: What's your take on Scientology?

FD: I am secular, but I have a respect for organized religion. Do whatever you want Scientologists, I don't really think it's a cult, just like I don't think being Mormon is a cult, it's people making beliefs and rituals in their lives. To each his own. I was actually audited by them to prepare for the role, and that was kind of interesting and they never stopped calling me after which was kind of annoying.

MS: Tell everyone, what are you going to be for Halloween?

FD: I still haven't figured it out. God, I don't know yet, maybe I will be a houseplant! (laughs)

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Speaking Of Ghosts, "Drop Dead Diva" Will Be Back For Season 6

"Drop Dead Diva"
That's right Triple D lovers - after being cancelled after season 4 and then resurrected from the dead for season 5 Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" has hit the afterlife jackpot and has been renewed for season 6!

The show for the uninitiated is about: 

"A vapid aspiring model killed in a car crash gets brought back to life as an intelligent, overweight lawyer, hoping to find the meaning of inner beauty"

And stars "Entertain Me" fave Margaret Cho as Teri Lee and Brooke Elliott as the "DDD" herself Jane Bingum.

Margaret Cho & Brooke Elliott

Congrats to the show and the cast - coming back from the dead isn't easy even if you are a ghost - Boo!

The thirteen new episodes will air in 2014.

Raise the dead and keep up with "Drop Dead Diva" at:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Horror: Michael Shinafelt, Satan In Disguise

When Satan Met Me
The above title is the LAST time I will refer to myself in the third person during this post, to me that is more creepy than a Satanic Ritual...

So my fellow writer and horror fan-atic author ME Franco and I had so much fun with my Halloween questions to her, that she decided to ask me some, from one horror loving writer to another, oh but I have taken my love of horror to the next level, that's right, I have acted in a horror film as well as another one due in 2014.

OK, ME I'm all yours!

ME: Being a horror movie lover, I have to say you get major respect points from me for being in one. I watched the trailer for"The Summer of Massacre,"and I can't wait to watch it. What character did you play and how did he die?

MS: The Summer of Massacre is an anthology and I am in the segment "Son of the Boogeyman" I play a cop pursuing the Boogeyman and I start shooting him in the head and he just won't die, you know those Boogeymen, and he grabs my skull and crushes it in, it was awesome seeing my death on a 50 foot screen!

Me and  Scott Barrows Who Played "The Boogeyman" at 'The Summer of Massacre" Premiere
ME:. If you could star in the remake of a popular horror franchise, who would you want to be?
MS: Oh God, OK let me start by stating my ultimate horror role would be Satan, some people already think that about me anyway, ha! But in an existing franchise? Norman Bates from the "Psycho" franchise, I would give him my own spin, but what a fascinating character.

ME: What movie made you a horror fan?

MS: My Dad and I used to watch all the monster movies like Dracula, The Wolfman, Mummy etc. on Sunday afternoons, but it was the first slasher film that he ever took me to, and the only one that has ever scared me that made me a fan. The original "Halloween" I used to see Michael Myers face in the yard outside when it was dark for years.

ME: You do a lot of interviews. Who would you like to have on your blog for a chat - Freddie, Michael Myers, or Jason?

MS: Michael and Freddy are pretty much open books, I would have to go with Jason, try and find out more about the man behind the monster.
ME: Which witch would you not want to make an enemy of on American Horror Story this season?
MS: That's easy, Marie Leveau, I visited her grave site for real in New Orleans once when I went for Halloween, "Yes" I went to NO for HW once.

ME:. What candy do you have in your trick or treat bowl?

My Favorite "Dracula"!
MS: Mini Snickers bars.
ME: Love that more horror shows are coming out on television. What show are you most looking forward to this season?
MS: I'd have to go Team Dracula with this one, when I was a kid I used to want to be a Vampire when I grew up.

ME: Classic monster fight between Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy. Who would you put your money on?

MS: Frankenstein is strong, but not too bright, the Mummy what's he going to do. put a band aid on it? I'd say Dracula, intelligent, supernatural powers and sex appeal, a winning combo.
ME: Do you have any plans to star in more horror movies?

MS: I shot another one this past summer that is due out in 2014.

ME:. If you could sit down and have a beer/coffee with anyone involved in the horror genre, real or fictional, who would you choose?

MS: Hmmmmmmmmmm....Miriam Blaylock from "The Hunger" that would be an interesting conversation, and encounter.
ME: Last question: What's your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?

MS: The biggest shot gun I could find. It would be awesome to make their living dead heads explode!

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American Horror Story: Coven

In honor of this time of year I always post about the current season of "American Horror Story" or as I used to call it prior to this season; "The Jessica Lange Show".

Well "AHS" has upped the acting/diva ante this year with the addition of two other acting legends: Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett. Along with a trio of talented young actresses Emma Roberts,
Gabourey Sidibe and Taissa Farmiga, yeah say those names together three times fast.

Seasoned acting divas vs. young acting divas! Of course while the veterans are the most interesting but the young ones hold their own in what so far is working itself out to be an interesting entry into the "AHS" anthology now in it's 3rd season.
Kathy Bates & Jessica Lange
Two episodes in I feel like the season is really just getting started and we are in for something that is going to blow our collective cauldrons off!

One of the cool things is how "AHS" pays homage to other horror films with a wink and a nod, yet makes it their own. My personal favorite so far? The well deserved tribute to my favorite vampire film of all time, the late Tony Scott's "The Hunger". All of you "Hunger" fans know the scene of which I speak the one with First Lady Jessica Lange in the laboratory with the experimental aging drugs on a monkey, oh yes!

The demented Kathy Bates and her love of pancreas blood from her slaves to keep her young and Ms. Angela Bassett so good as a fictionalized version of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orelans, whose grave I have actually been to, Marie's not Angela's.
Angela Bassett as "Marie Laveau"

Yes, you are engaging with one hardcore horror fan, someone who is so much one I visited the location of this seasons story, New Orleans, LA for Halloween one year, make of it what you will, or be well and carry on.

That being said fictionalized Marie Laveau so far is the scariest of the witches to me, even Bassett's line delivery of: "She done messed with the wrong witch" sends chills up my spine. Kathy Bates making a Minotaur out of one of her Black slaves that slept with her lily White daughter is pretty unnerving too.

But Ms. Lange takes the top prize as usual as her eternal youth seeking and sucking "Fiona" who will stop at nothing in a cocaine induced rage to get her some, Fountain of Youth, that is...

Emma Roberts as a half assed actress "Madison" who killed someone on set with a hanging light because he told her to hit her mark, takes top prize as my favorite of the young Witches, not to mention her destroying a whole bus of fraternity boys who gang raped her, way to go "Madison"!

Gabourey Sidibe takes best line of the season thus far for referring to one of her only witch role models growing up as "Sabrina, The Teenage Cracker" - love it!

Gabourey Sidibe: "Sabrina The Teenage Cracker"
And Taissa Farmiga as the Witch who has a "vagina that kills" gotta love a Killer V!

Interestingly enough the show really brings horror into a realm where the last two seasons have gone, but more so, it makes horror an estrogen game. Most horror is male dominated, but every season of "AHS" has really made the female characters the powerful ones, the ones who have driven the story, not the passive victims they are in standard Hollywood fare.

That, for me as a huge horror fan has always been one of the more interesting things about "AHS" - it really is all about the estrogen...can't wait for more of "Coven"!

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The Horror: Lindsey Stirling Has A Hot Date With Dracula

Bite Me! Jonathan Rhys Meyers as "Dracula"

"Entertain Me" favorite and violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling wants to get her Vampire On!

You heard me correctly Ms. Stirling wants the mother of all Vampire's to take a bite out of her neck....

Yes, Lindsey is team Dracula, this Halloween - the series starring the yummy Jonathan Rhys Meyers premieres October 25th on NBC at 10pm.

Dracula lured Lindsey into his clutches and coerced her into making this orchestral, haunting video for him.

High Fang Bud Way To Go!

Jump to Lindsey getting her fan banger on below....

                                                         Lindsey Stirling "Dracula"

Got Fangs? Love You Some Dracula at:

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The Horror: Clea Cutthroat Can Spin Her Head 360 Degrees !

Clea Cutthroat Photo: Carlos Kella

What would Halloween be without checking in with "Entertain Me"'s resident Burlesque Biotch and Horror Fanatic Ms. Clea Cutthroat, I boldly went where I have never gone before with Clea, that's right we have made it past first base...

I asked her to name her five favorite horror movies and why that is. Are the answers shocking? Some of them. Are they scary? Oh yeah! But mostly they invite you into the diabolical mind that fuels our resident Queen of the Night - 

OK, CC  let's get to it strike a poser with a backhanded slap, there's nothing to it...Give it to us, your Top Five that is... 
Clea's #1 "The Shining"
1. The Shining-

I've been obsessed with twins ever since

2. The Exorcist-

Going to all girl's Catholic school, I watched it at a sleep over when I was scared that living shit out of me! Didn't sleep for 6 months, but at least by month 7 I mastered the 360 degree head spin 

3. House of a 1,000 Corpses-

Dr. Satan, murder, satanic rituals...and last but not least, the hot Sheri Moon. Thank you Mr. Rob Zombie!
Clea's "Horror Girl Crush" Sheri Moon
4. Three...Extremes- 

This is an Asian cross-cultural trilogy of horror films. We watched it on the Bonaparte tour will never eat a dumpling without of thinking of a dead baby AGAIN! Bon Appetit! 

5. Halloween Resurrection-

Just in case your hanging with a large popcorn, smoking and drinking some gin & can you possibly go wrong with a little Jason & Busta Rhymes!!! 

Really Clea?! Busta Rhymes?! OK, you get a pass, this time...Happy Halloween!

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The Horror: Gay Zombies Are On The Loose!

You knew in your heart of hearts this day would come, didn't you? With the Zombie Apocalypse drawing near Gay Zombies would be cumming for you...

Ariztical Entertainment brings you the #1 hit film from the Philippines "Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings" 

Opening theatrically in New York on October 25th and Los Angeles on November the 9th!

Oh, and cumming to video November 19th, the tale of the "Curse" goes something like this:

Remington asks you to stand up and be counted for who you are!

As a child, Remington mocked all the gay men in his town. But, now, a spell from a none-too-pleased drag queen has come to haunt him, turning this hunky teen into "snaps" of fabulousness overnight. Suddenly, Remington is becoming neater, nicer, and more sensitive. Is it for Hannah, the love of his life? But, then, why do his hips suddenly start to sway and his heart goes pitter-pat whenever he sets his eyes on his best buddy Jigs?

To find the answers, Remington must deal with the spell from his past, a serial killer on a rampage, and drag queen zombies invading from all corners – all while grappling with his newfound fabulousness! Remington and his loyal friends will only be able to survive the night if they can learn to be true to themselves.

This #1 hit film from the Philippines is full of shocking hilarious twists! Follow Remington as he sashays into an adventure that will unravel the mystery of the curse, killer, and gay zombies roaming the streets!

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The Horror: Margaret Cho Speaks To The Dead

Margaret Cho
That's right people, she does. Did you happen to see her guest starring on the Jennifer Love Hewitt show "Ghost Whisperer" where she played Occult Anthropology Professor Avery Grant who was quite taken off guard that her teachings had some truth to them with the help of ghost visitations and a Ouija Board?

Well she did indeed speak to the dead on the show, Boo! Interestingly enough Margaret has an extensive collection of Ouija Boards, yes that's correct, one of the most popular stand-up comics on the planet loves her some Ouija's -  so it being the Halloween Season and all, I asked Margaret to tell me her scariest experience with one.

Margaret Cho & Jennifer Love Hewitt on "Ghost Whisperer"
Tell us about it, Margaret ...

"We have Ouija Boards all over my house, and once I looked at one of the very vintage boards - probably from the turn of the century or before, and it seemed that the planchette  was moving on its own. It's kind of an Egyptian/art deco thing, and no one was touching the planchette, it was just circling the board by itself, like it had a motor or something. Then I found out my husband had rigged the board with a battery operated planchette! No ghosts from the afterlife trying to contact me. Just a 9 volt battery strapped to the inside - but boy it was scary looking!"

Ouija Board

That would be scary and what great Halloween prank!

Margaret is currently on tour with her stand-up show "Mother" and is also doing her podcast "Monsters of Talk" with Jim Short.

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Sandy Zacky Brings Her Brand Of "Witchcraft" To "Show Me Talk Radio"

Now what would Halloween be without "Entertain Me"s resident chanteuse Sandy with a "Y" not "E" Zacky singing her rendition of "Witchcraft" well it would not be Halloween at all...

But this Halloween is a little different Sandy is giving us another treat this most Haunted of Holidays by bringing her special brand of magic to "Sandy Zacky Part 2" on "Show Me Talk Radio". - and she couldn't be happier "I think it sounds great. Lots of talk and lots of music. I am so happy with it" says Ms. Z.

It's "Witchcraft"
Some of the talk includes Sandy with a "Y" discussing some of her favorite artists that include Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn.

Give your Halloween Season a little extra bit of "Witchcraft" & Magic courtesy of Sandy and her love of music.

Happy Halloween.

Best Wishes,
Sandy Zacky

Tune In To "Sandy Zacky Part 2":

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The Horror: Does Author M.E. Franco Do The Monster Mash?

M.E. Franco "I don't want to be buried in Pet Semetary"

Fellow Horror lover and author, M.E. Franco is baaaaack, our nerd fest from last Halloween proved so popular, I had to have her back for round two of geeky questions about Halloween!

M.E. is the author of the popular paranormal romance/urban fantasy "Dion" series of books "Where Will You Run" and "Where Will You Hide".

Ready to do this again M.E.? Let's shall we?

MS: OK, since "American Horror Story: Coven" is almost here what famous witch would you                   want to be?

MF: I'd love to be Samantha from Bewitched. Not only was she hot, she could whip up a mean meatloaf. Not to mention being able to use magic to clean the house. That would come in handy

Raith, one of the "Men of Dion"
MS: What tag line would you have?

MF: Don't let the cute fool you.

MS: So we all know Chucky had a bride, what famous horror icon's bride would you want to be?

MF: Being a vampire fan, I'd want to be the bride of Dracula (hot Dracula though, not creepy Dracula. Definitely not sparkly Dracula)

MS: If you were trapped in a house with Michael Myer's and Fred Phelps who would you kill first?

MF: I think Michael Myer's and I would be fighting over which one of us would get to kill Fred, so I'd have to kill him first to get Fred all to myself.

MS: Whose your "Walking Dead" crush?

MF: I'm one of those crazy Daryl fan girls

MS: Choose the famous dead person you would like to most resurrect, Jesus doesn't count since allegedly he has already had the privilege.

MF: I miss George Carlin. I'd love to have him back.

Where Will You Hide: Book Two of the Dion Series\

MS: What character in your books is closest to who you are?

MF: Mari Lucas, the homicide detective from my paranormal Dion series.

MS: Do you ever think "What would Satan do"?

MF: Any time I want to indulge in chocolate.

MS: Which is scarier, a Haunted House or a Haunted Forrest?

MF: That's a tough one. I'd have to go with Haunted House because of the confined spaces and nasty basements.

MS: So, the moment of truth, do you do the Monster Mash?

MF: Absolutely!

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The Horror: Why Traci Lords Avoids Mirrors

Traci Lords

Actress Traci Lords is no stranger to horror films, having appeared in all sorts of mayhem related to the horror genre, I mean who could forget her as Racquel "The Vampire Bitch" (Seriously?! Has anyone ever heard of a non-vampire bitch?) in " Blade".

Traci as "Phyllis" in "Excision"

Not to mention her Award Winning role as Mom "Phyllis" to Annalynne McCord's sociopath daughter "Pauline" in one of my favorite psychologically disturbing films of all time Richard Bates Jr's critically acclaimed "Excision" - I highly recommend this one.

She recently wrapped "Devil May Call" about a sadistic killer getting to a girl through a crisis hotline -

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Sadistic killers suck!

Traci has admitted to me in the past that horror movies really scare her even though she knows it isn't real and has acted in them - Tis' the season, so I checked in with one of my favorite people to find out what scares her the most when filming one.

Traci as Racquel in "Blade"
Here is what she had to say:

"My bloody reflection! I avoid all mirrors if I have cuts, blood..other injuries. Even though I KNOW it's special's a weird head trip! It makes me feel like leaving set to seek medical assistance"

Oh, Traci you look beautiful even in blood - 27 more days until Halloween...!

Bloody Traci, say that three times and see what

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Her Webiste:

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In Case Your Wondering, Pentatonix Is Going As Lorde This Halloween

Trick or Treat? Obviously a Treat!

That's right everyone the worlds favorite acapella group PTX is delivering a Halloween treat this year by pulling off the trick of covering  singer Lorde's debut #1 Billboard smash "Royals" which took down Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball' from the throne of #1.

As usual the PTX gang knocks it out of the park with their amazing arrangement and vocals.

Since this is the month of Halloween and I know you would all rather have treats than tricks, or you may think those two are one in the same, but whatever your take you owe yourself to celebrate by giving your ears the treat of Pentatonix covering "Royals" by Lorde, way better than any rock you may get going door to door...!


                                                             "Royals" by PTX

Wear a crown this Halloween at:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Trick Or Treat? It's Matt Nathanson Wearing The "Kinks Shirt"



 Acclaimed singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson has just premiered his new video “Kinks Shirt” from his current release LAST OF THE GREAT PRETENDERS on ROLLINGSTONE.COM. The clip, directed by and featuring comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, was filmed in various places in Los Angeles, including the strip club Cheetah’s.  Matt shares:

“So when Bob sent the treatment for this video, I flipped. I loved it. I loved that it showed people unapologetically being themselves. Even if the world may not be hip to it...yet. And it made me laugh a bunch.... check out Bob's mariachi cameo!"

Check out the video here:

Next, Matt Nathanson will perform “Kinks Shirt” on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz program on October 31. Matt will also co-host, and be dressed for the Halloween occasion. 

For more info go to:

“Kinks Shirt” follows Matt’s first single, the hit “Mission Bells” which was Top 5 at Triple A radio for six weeks. Catch Matt on his current national tour as it hits Los Angeles (October 3 at the Wiltern); Oakland, CA (October 4 at the Fox theater) and New York City (October 30 at Terminal 5).  Many dates on this tour have already sold out including Washington, DC, Atlanta, Denver, Austin and Boston. Tour dates listed below.

LAST OF THE GREAT PRETENDERS, Matt Nathanson’s 8th studio album, debuted at #16 on the Billboard Top 200 marking his highest debut to date.  USA Today hailed the record as ‘Album of the Week’ citing “….he has a way of drawing people into his stories.”

Tour Dates:
October 3                        Los Angeles, CA                 Wiltern
October 4                        Oakland, CA                       Fox
October 7                        Salt Lake City, UT               Murray Theater
October 8                        Englewood, CO                   Gothic Theater
October 10                        Dallas, TX                         House of Blues
October 11                        Houston, TX                      House of Blues
October 12                        New Orleans, LA               Tipitina’s
October 13                        Mobile, LA                        Soul Kitchen
October 15                        Birmingham, LA                Workplay
October 17                        Tampa, FL                        The Ritz Ybor
October 18                        Ft. Lauderdale, FL            Culture Room
October 19                        Orlando, FL                       House of Blues
October 22                        Charleston, SC                  Music Farm
October 23                        Louisville, KY                    Headliner’s
October 25                        Atlanta, GA                        Center Stage
October 26                        Charlotte, NC                   Amos Southend
October 30                        New York, NY                   Terminal 5
November 1                        Baltimore, MD                Rams head Live
November 2                        Philadelphia, PA              Electric Factory
November 5                        Toronto, ON                    Danforth Music Hall
November 7                        Burlington, VT                 Higher Ground
November 8                        Portland, ME                     State Theater
November 9                        Boston, MA                        House of Blues
November 10                        Pittsburgh, PA                  Palace Theater
November 12                        Madison, WI                     Barrymore
November 13                        Columbus, OH                 Newport Music Hall
November 14                        Detroit, MI                        St. Andrews’s Hall
November 15                        Chicago, IL                        Riviera
November 19                        Columbia, MO                    Blue Note
November 20                        St. Louis, MO                     Pageant
November 21                        Lawrence, KS                     Granada
November 22                        Tulsa, OK                          Cain’s
November 23                        Austin, TX                         Bellmont

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Horror: Every Timo Rose Has It's Thorn

It's October 1st and here at "Entertain Me" we celebrate the macabre by posting a whole month of what I like to call "The Horror" every posting this month will celebrate my favorite time of the year...30 more days 'till Halloween, Boo!

German Horror Filmmaker Timo Rose is the "King of Scream" in his native country, Timo first came to my attention via his mutant cannibals on the loose and in the woods gore fest "Barricade" starring two horror staples I am well acquainted with Raine Brown and Joe Zaso. Well what makes Mr. Rose frightened? Here to tell us his five favorite scare scenes in a horror movie is the Rose, Timo!

Timo Rose
1.) Jaws - when Quint dies - I think it's scary and brutal to see that an animal kills you right now ! hah...eaten alive must be hardcore ! I don't wanna die that way
2.) Grizzly - maybe the whole movie - it scared my when I was a little boy and I think it still scares me. It can really happen - and it's the atmosphere of the movie that scares me. Dunno why but I really love that movie
3.) Poltergeist - the pool- scene - when JoBeth Williams is falling into the water/ pool...and the corpes dive up... scary to see dead people swimming close to ya

4.) Silver Bullet - maybe it's the unreal that scares me...I don't know... like the scene when Corey Haim is sitting in his wheel chair and the werewolf is trying to reach him/ kill him... thats scary somehow... liked that flick...
Timo's #1 Scare!

5.) The Entity - guess it's the UNSEEN that scares people everyone is afraid of things they can't see ...

Timo on IMDB:

Friend Request Him on Facebook, I dare you!