Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Horror: Clea Cutthroat Can Spin Her Head 360 Degrees !

Clea Cutthroat Photo: Carlos Kella

What would Halloween be without checking in with "Entertain Me"'s resident Burlesque Biotch and Horror Fanatic Ms. Clea Cutthroat, I boldly went where I have never gone before with Clea, that's right we have made it past first base...

I asked her to name her five favorite horror movies and why that is. Are the answers shocking? Some of them. Are they scary? Oh yeah! But mostly they invite you into the diabolical mind that fuels our resident Queen of the Night - 

OK, CC  let's get to it strike a poser with a backhanded slap, there's nothing to it...Give it to us, your Top Five that is... 
Clea's #1 "The Shining"
1. The Shining-

I've been obsessed with twins ever since

2. The Exorcist-

Going to all girl's Catholic school, I watched it at a sleep over when I was 7...it scared that living shit out of me! Didn't sleep for 6 months, but at least by month 7 I mastered the 360 degree head spin 

3. House of a 1,000 Corpses-

Dr. Satan, murder, satanic rituals...and last but not least, the hot Sheri Moon. Thank you Mr. Rob Zombie!
Clea's "Horror Girl Crush" Sheri Moon
4. Three...Extremes- 

This is an Asian cross-cultural trilogy of horror films. We watched it on the Bonaparte tour bus...you will never eat a dumpling without of thinking of a dead baby AGAIN! Bon Appetit! 

5. Halloween Resurrection-

Just in case your hanging with a large popcorn, smoking and drinking some gin & juice....how can you possibly go wrong with a little Jason & Busta Rhymes!!! 

Really Clea?! Busta Rhymes?! OK, you get a pass, this time...Happy Halloween!

Have some gin & juice and watch "Halloween Resurrection" with Clea at:

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