Monday, October 7, 2013

The Horror: Does Author M.E. Franco Do The Monster Mash?

M.E. Franco "I don't want to be buried in Pet Semetary"

Fellow Horror lover and author, M.E. Franco is baaaaack, our nerd fest from last Halloween proved so popular, I had to have her back for round two of geeky questions about Halloween!

M.E. is the author of the popular paranormal romance/urban fantasy "Dion" series of books "Where Will You Run" and "Where Will You Hide".

Ready to do this again M.E.? Let's shall we?

MS: OK, since "American Horror Story: Coven" is almost here what famous witch would you                   want to be?

MF: I'd love to be Samantha from Bewitched. Not only was she hot, she could whip up a mean meatloaf. Not to mention being able to use magic to clean the house. That would come in handy

Raith, one of the "Men of Dion"
MS: What tag line would you have?

MF: Don't let the cute fool you.

MS: So we all know Chucky had a bride, what famous horror icon's bride would you want to be?

MF: Being a vampire fan, I'd want to be the bride of Dracula (hot Dracula though, not creepy Dracula. Definitely not sparkly Dracula)

MS: If you were trapped in a house with Michael Myer's and Fred Phelps who would you kill first?

MF: I think Michael Myer's and I would be fighting over which one of us would get to kill Fred, so I'd have to kill him first to get Fred all to myself.

MS: Whose your "Walking Dead" crush?

MF: I'm one of those crazy Daryl fan girls

MS: Choose the famous dead person you would like to most resurrect, Jesus doesn't count since allegedly he has already had the privilege.

MF: I miss George Carlin. I'd love to have him back.

Where Will You Hide: Book Two of the Dion Series\

MS: What character in your books is closest to who you are?

MF: Mari Lucas, the homicide detective from my paranormal Dion series.

MS: Do you ever think "What would Satan do"?

MF: Any time I want to indulge in chocolate.

MS: Which is scarier, a Haunted House or a Haunted Forrest?

MF: That's a tough one. I'd have to go with Haunted House because of the confined spaces and nasty basements.

MS: So, the moment of truth, do you do the Monster Mash?

MF: Absolutely!

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  1. LOVE it!!! I'm still giggling. :)

  2. Thanks for inviting me back for your Halloween blog! Always fun! Thanks for stopping by Ben and Jean!