Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Horror: Every Timo Rose Has It's Thorn

It's October 1st and here at "Entertain Me" we celebrate the macabre by posting a whole month of what I like to call "The Horror" every posting this month will celebrate my favorite time of the year...30 more days 'till Halloween, Boo!

German Horror Filmmaker Timo Rose is the "King of Scream" in his native country, Timo first came to my attention via his mutant cannibals on the loose and in the woods gore fest "Barricade" starring two horror staples I am well acquainted with Raine Brown and Joe Zaso. Well what makes Mr. Rose frightened? Here to tell us his five favorite scare scenes in a horror movie is the Rose, Timo!

Timo Rose
1.) Jaws - when Quint dies - I think it's scary and brutal to see that an animal kills you right now ! hah...eaten alive must be hardcore ! I don't wanna die that way
2.) Grizzly - maybe the whole movie - it scared my when I was a little boy and I think it still scares me. It can really happen - and it's the atmosphere of the movie that scares me. Dunno why but I really love that movie
3.) Poltergeist - the pool- scene - when JoBeth Williams is falling into the water/ pool...and the corpes dive up... scary to see dead people swimming close to ya

4.) Silver Bullet - maybe it's the unreal that scares me...I don't know... like the scene when Corey Haim is sitting in his wheel chair and the werewolf is trying to reach him/ kill him... thats scary somehow... liked that flick...
Timo's #1 Scare!

5.) The Entity - guess it's the UNSEEN that scares people everyone is afraid of things they can't see ...

Timo on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1049039/

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