Friday, October 18, 2013

The Horror: Lindsey Stirling Has A Hot Date With Dracula

Bite Me! Jonathan Rhys Meyers as "Dracula"

"Entertain Me" favorite and violinist extraordinaire Lindsey Stirling wants to get her Vampire On!

You heard me correctly Ms. Stirling wants the mother of all Vampire's to take a bite out of her neck....

Yes, Lindsey is team Dracula, this Halloween - the series starring the yummy Jonathan Rhys Meyers premieres October 25th on NBC at 10pm.

Dracula lured Lindsey into his clutches and coerced her into making this orchestral, haunting video for him.

High Fang Bud Way To Go!

Jump to Lindsey getting her fan banger on below....

                                                         Lindsey Stirling "Dracula"

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