Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Horror: Margaret Cho Speaks To The Dead

Margaret Cho
That's right people, she does. Did you happen to see her guest starring on the Jennifer Love Hewitt show "Ghost Whisperer" where she played Occult Anthropology Professor Avery Grant who was quite taken off guard that her teachings had some truth to them with the help of ghost visitations and a Ouija Board?

Well she did indeed speak to the dead on the show, Boo! Interestingly enough Margaret has an extensive collection of Ouija Boards, yes that's correct, one of the most popular stand-up comics on the planet loves her some Ouija's -  so it being the Halloween Season and all, I asked Margaret to tell me her scariest experience with one.

Margaret Cho & Jennifer Love Hewitt on "Ghost Whisperer"
Tell us about it, Margaret ...

"We have Ouija Boards all over my house, and once I looked at one of the very vintage boards - probably from the turn of the century or before, and it seemed that the planchette  was moving on its own. It's kind of an Egyptian/art deco thing, and no one was touching the planchette, it was just circling the board by itself, like it had a motor or something. Then I found out my husband had rigged the board with a battery operated planchette! No ghosts from the afterlife trying to contact me. Just a 9 volt battery strapped to the inside - but boy it was scary looking!"

Ouija Board

That would be scary and what great Halloween prank!

Margaret is currently on tour with her stand-up show "Mother" and is also doing her podcast "Monsters of Talk" with Jim Short.

Don't be afraid, for "Mother" tour dates & updates log onto:

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