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The Horror: Michael Shinafelt, Satan In Disguise

When Satan Met Me
The above title is the LAST time I will refer to myself in the third person during this post, to me that is more creepy than a Satanic Ritual...

So my fellow writer and horror fan-atic author ME Franco and I had so much fun with my Halloween questions to her, that she decided to ask me some, from one horror loving writer to another, oh but I have taken my love of horror to the next level, that's right, I have acted in a horror film as well as another one due in 2014.

OK, ME I'm all yours!

ME: Being a horror movie lover, I have to say you get major respect points from me for being in one. I watched the trailer for"The Summer of Massacre,"and I can't wait to watch it. What character did you play and how did he die?

MS: The Summer of Massacre is an anthology and I am in the segment "Son of the Boogeyman" I play a cop pursuing the Boogeyman and I start shooting him in the head and he just won't die, you know those Boogeymen, and he grabs my skull and crushes it in, it was awesome seeing my death on a 50 foot screen!

Me and  Scott Barrows Who Played "The Boogeyman" at 'The Summer of Massacre" Premiere
ME:. If you could star in the remake of a popular horror franchise, who would you want to be?
MS: Oh God, OK let me start by stating my ultimate horror role would be Satan, some people already think that about me anyway, ha! But in an existing franchise? Norman Bates from the "Psycho" franchise, I would give him my own spin, but what a fascinating character.

ME: What movie made you a horror fan?

MS: My Dad and I used to watch all the monster movies like Dracula, The Wolfman, Mummy etc. on Sunday afternoons, but it was the first slasher film that he ever took me to, and the only one that has ever scared me that made me a fan. The original "Halloween" I used to see Michael Myers face in the yard outside when it was dark for years.

ME: You do a lot of interviews. Who would you like to have on your blog for a chat - Freddie, Michael Myers, or Jason?

MS: Michael and Freddy are pretty much open books, I would have to go with Jason, try and find out more about the man behind the monster.
ME: Which witch would you not want to make an enemy of on American Horror Story this season?
MS: That's easy, Marie Leveau, I visited her grave site for real in New Orleans once when I went for Halloween, "Yes" I went to NO for HW once.

ME:. What candy do you have in your trick or treat bowl?

My Favorite "Dracula"!
MS: Mini Snickers bars.
ME: Love that more horror shows are coming out on television. What show are you most looking forward to this season?
MS: I'd have to go Team Dracula with this one, when I was a kid I used to want to be a Vampire when I grew up.

ME: Classic monster fight between Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy. Who would you put your money on?

MS: Frankenstein is strong, but not too bright, the Mummy what's he going to do. put a band aid on it? I'd say Dracula, intelligent, supernatural powers and sex appeal, a winning combo.
ME: Do you have any plans to star in more horror movies?

MS: I shot another one this past summer that is due out in 2014.

ME:. If you could sit down and have a beer/coffee with anyone involved in the horror genre, real or fictional, who would you choose?

MS: Hmmmmmmmmmm....Miriam Blaylock from "The Hunger" that would be an interesting conversation, and encounter.
ME: Last question: What's your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?

MS: The biggest shot gun I could find. It would be awesome to make their living dead heads explode!

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  1. Love it! The original Halloween was my first slasher movie too! It scared the crap out of me, and made me an instant fan :D