Friday, October 4, 2013

The Horror: Why Traci Lords Avoids Mirrors

Traci Lords

Actress Traci Lords is no stranger to horror films, having appeared in all sorts of mayhem related to the horror genre, I mean who could forget her as Racquel "The Vampire Bitch" (Seriously?! Has anyone ever heard of a non-vampire bitch?) in " Blade".

Traci as "Phyllis" in "Excision"

Not to mention her Award Winning role as Mom "Phyllis" to Annalynne McCord's sociopath daughter "Pauline" in one of my favorite psychologically disturbing films of all time Richard Bates Jr's critically acclaimed "Excision" - I highly recommend this one.

She recently wrapped "Devil May Call" about a sadistic killer getting to a girl through a crisis hotline -

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Sadistic killers suck!

Traci has admitted to me in the past that horror movies really scare her even though she knows it isn't real and has acted in them - Tis' the season, so I checked in with one of my favorite people to find out what scares her the most when filming one.

Traci as Racquel in "Blade"
Here is what she had to say:

"My bloody reflection! I avoid all mirrors if I have cuts, blood..other injuries. Even though I KNOW it's special's a weird head trip! It makes me feel like leaving set to seek medical assistance"

Oh, Traci you look beautiful even in blood - 27 more days until Halloween...!

Bloody Traci, say that three times and see what

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  1. I LOVE scary movies. I watched the original Halloween when I was young. It scared the life out of me, and I was hooked from then on!