Monday, November 18, 2013

What "Nobody Said" To Aiden Leslie

Aiden Leslie is not a stranger to this blog from his singles "Trying To Leave Now" and "Diamond Dreams" to well just popping up because he is a fun friend of mine.

So it is no surprise since Mr. Leslie has a new single out, "Nobody Said" that I am making all of you aware of it and asked Aiden to tell me something that nobody ever said to him that he wishes they had, and here is what "Nobody Said" to him:

"No matter what, it's you and only you...and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that it stays that way"....

Very interesting Aiden, I must say, so simple, yet quite powerful, much like your songs. Maybe you should be a songwriter, oh yeah, you!

Aiden Does Atlanta
Check out Aiden's latest below, he has one of the best falsetto's I have ever heard and the song is quite reminiscent of one of his favorite bands, 80's sensation Erasure. Yes, thats right, Erasure's fingerprints are all over the latest from Leslie, the band is someone who influences him greatly and he has paid homage to more than once.

OK, enough with the hyperbole, hit it Aiden!

Listen to "Nobody Said":

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