Friday, December 6, 2013

Ho Ho Ho, Joe Castro's Scary Christmas

Joe's Christmas 2013 Creation

Tis' the season to be scary... it's to be jolly I know, but I wanted to add a little twist to this Holiday season and  ask someone who you wouldn't traditionally associate with this time of giving what he wanted for Christmas.

For horror fan and filmmaker Joe Castro Halloween is all year round. He writes, directs and does visual effects on all of his horror projects. Yes Joe loves horror and so do I!

Hot off the heels of the big success of his last horror opus the award winning festival favorite "The Summer of Massacre" Joe is doing post on "Terror Toons 3" the sequel to his popular "Terror Toons" series of horror films about homicidal cartoons.

Recently he made a return to short film making with "Attack of the Killer Bees," so what does the King of Gore want for Christmas this year?

3 machetes slaying? 8 corpses rotting? 12 Boogeymen Boogieing? Let's find out, if you dare...

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful
5) a studio funded film I get to direct

4) death to all employees and ppl who produce shows for the SyFy network

3 ) world peace

2) a cure for HIV/ AIDS

1) my very own twin

My very own twin, well I guess you could not count on number one being traditional considering, but this completely was a fun break from usual Holiday traditions, Thanks Joe!

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