Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Holiday" Celebrate, It's Christmas Day !

Warning: This Is Not The Virgin Mary
"If we took a holiday, Took some time to celebrate

Just one day out of life

It would be, it would be so nice"

In the wake of the group with the retro 80's sound Capital Cities recent performance of the Madonna classic on The Queen Latifah Show I thought I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas with a fond memory of my youth, Madonna's "Holiday" hey she never specified which one, or what kind, so it works in a universal sense.

When I was an impressionable 17 year old man I will never forget my first foray to Skoochie's (R.I.P.) a 16 and older club in Seattle, WA and seeing this woman with rubber bracelets and rosaries for days hanging off her bare midriff, it was really cool and an eye opener to the sheltered life I had been leading.

Since Christmas is a time of fond memories, and the 80's version of Madonna is one for me. Let's take a Holiday and celebrate, below...

Merry Christmas Everyone!
    "Holiday" Time

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