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Michael Vaccaro Is A "Child Of The 70's"

The Hit Web Series "Child of the 70's" has been around for two seasons now and is about to embark on it's third, for those of you who are not in the loop, COT70's follows the adventures of one Carlo Perdente...

"Carlo Perdente is a real loser! He's a struggling actor in New York. He loses his survival job, he gets thrown out of his apartment, his boyfriend dumps him, his overbearing Italian mother treats him like garbage, and he's about to give up... until a chance encounter with his favorite '70s star, KiKi Lawrence, completely changes his life. Will he move to LA? Will his life be any better there? Will he find love? Career success? And what will his mother say?"

Here to talk about being a "Child of the 70's" is the Writer/Creator, "Carlo Perdente" himself Michael Vaccaro!

MS: Obviously "Child of the 70's" is based loosely on your life.

MV: Very, loosely (laughs) 

MS: So why are you a "Child of the 70's?" Being that we are the same age and were both teenagers in the 80's?

MV: I gravitated more towards the music and movies of the 70's by the 80's I was horribly jaded and cynical. I consider the 70's my formative years. I actually kind of hated the 80's to me it was the time when everything went down the shit hole.

MS: Have you ever been a phone sex operator like your character "Carlo" was on the show?

MV: I did have a job at a phone sex company, that part of the show is real, I think I got fired after a couple of months. There's nothing sexual about the job at all, it is actually horrendously boring. You sit at a phone bank for eight hours a day and moan and groan into a phone. (laughs)

MS: By the way, Donna Pescow played your Mother "Anna Perdente" on the first season, how come the end credits read "Anna Perdente" as "Anna Perdente" and not Donna Pescow as "Anna Perdente?"

MV: That was a decision we made together. We thought it would be cute to do the credit that way and see if people could figure out who the actress was playing "Anna." 

MS: She was really good.

MV: Also there is a joke behind it too, every season we are going to have a different actress playing my Mother. In season two we have this amazing actress, Lynne Marie Stewart, who was "Miss Yvonne" on "Pee Wees Playhouse." I love how on "Bewitched" there was a new Darren and on "Roseanne" there was a new "Becky" and they just don't explain it at all, that is one of my favorite things, Soap Operas do it all the time.

MS: Who is the character of TV Star "Kiki Lawrence" on your show based on?

MV: "Kiki" is sort of based on Vicki Lawrence, who was on the show "Mama's Family" of course "Kiki's" show is called "Mama's Jewels." But I don't have inside information on Vicki Lawrence, I don't know if she was a psychopath like "Kiki." (laughs) But she was the jumping off point I used for writing that character. 

MS: You have some awesome cameos on the show!

Carlo & Family
MV: We have Susan Olsen from "The Brady Bunch," Geri Jewell from "The Facts of Life" and Bruce Vilanch. In season three we have Dee Wallace from "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" there is also this amazing pop singer, Kitten Kay Sera, she is going to be playing "Kiki Lawrence's" crazy white trash sister. There is one more superstar from the 70's who is joining us in season three as well, but it is a surprise and I can not tell you.

MS: I wanna know!

MV: Sorry, I can not mention his name. Everyone will have to tune in to see who it is.

MS: When is season three set to drop?

MV: That's a great question and the answer to that is "I don't know." I'm fundraising right now. So if there is anyone out there who wants to be an investor, executive producer or a sponsor, get in contact with me. Season three is all written, the cast and crew are ready to go I just need the money to pay everybody.

MS: Season three sounds very exciting.

MV: It's the biggest, most ambitious season yet. There's a whole new story line, almost an entire new cast coming in. I'm not going to give anything away, but there is a major cliff hanger at the end of the season, something really exciting! I'll give you a hint, just remember that our show takes place in Los Angeles, CA...

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