Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shirley Temple Remembered By Susan Olsen

Shirley Temple
With the recent passing of Shirley Temple I really wanted to say something that truly honored who she was in this great big universe.

Something eloquent and meaningful, well even though I personally did not write this I found what I was looking for.

The following is a truly awesome tribute to Ms. Shirley Temple, written by Actress, Susan Olsen best known as "Cindy Brady" from the TV show "The Brady Bunch" who was gracious enough to give me permission to post it:

It is unfortunate that Shirley Temple is associated with my least Favorite episode of "The Brady Bunch." Having me imitate Shirley by singing “Good Ship Lollipop" would have been a great idea when I was seven but at age twelve it was painfully awkward. By that age, I (not Cindy) would have preferred to emulate Shirley Temple the adult. That is the Shirley that I love most. 

I read Ms. Temple’s autobiography several years ago and found myself overwhelmed with respect for her. I did not know that she had continued to act as a beautiful woman before embarking on a career in politics. What was most impressive was how truly grateful she was for her unusual childhood. She had absolutely no regrets. There were no sordid tales of being the victim of wicked Hollywood, an industry that does tend to eat it’s young. There was no resentment for any lost childhood; there was only gratitude for a blessed childhood filled with wonderful people and adventure. She even bore no grudges toward her parents who had invested her money foolishly. 

As an adult, she did not have the wealth one would have presumed but she had no complaints. Instead she had compassion for their errors and rather than dwell on past mistakes, she looked forward to future opportunities. Were she to try to write such a positive memoir today, she might have a very hard time finding a publisher. Nobody wants to hear about the former child star who goes on to have a great life away from the camera and a past with no regrets. No, they want to hear about the ones who feel discarded by the Industry, the drug addicts, the train wrecks, the victims – not the heroes. 

But Shirley most certainly was a hero – definitely a hero of mine. She will be missed but I hope that she will be remembered not just for the darling little girl that she was but for the truly class act she became. I’m so sorry I never had the honor of meeting her.

Thank You Susan!

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