Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrate! "Better Than Dancing" With Matthew Duffy

  • Singer/Songwriter/Performer and "Entertain Me" fave Matthew Duffy is back with a groovy new single and video "Better Than Dancing."
  • Being the inquisitive one that I am I had to ask Matthew to give me some insight into his latest musical foray, and here is what the always interesting Mr. Duffy had to say:
  • "I started my career in NYC as a ballet and modern dancer and I wanted to celebrate my dance history. I wanted to celebrate the way dancing sets you free and transports you to a place outside of yourself. For me, true freedom is "raising your hands up to the sky and letting the music take you high, the dancer featured in the video represents that.
  • I also wanted to highlight he NYC club scene - balls, femme, butch, voguing, and the dance featured represents all dance forms and the underground spirit of dancing.
  • The opening quote of the video - YOU LIVE AS LONG AS YOU DANCE is from the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev who was a bad ass and an virtuoso who I have always admired since I was young."

Time to take a trip Matthew Duffy style...!

Join Matthew for the ride at:

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