Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inside The Mind Of: Punk Princess Ariel Beesley

Photo: Eddie Chacon Styled: Sissy Sainte-Marie Hair: Adrian Arredondo Makeup: Gloria Nato for Set Daze
Punk Princess, Ariel Beesley took some time out of her busy schedule of modeling for Wilhelmina or indulging in her favorite downtime activity reading to create more music. 

With her unique Punk/Folk hybrid sound Ariel is back with her latest album "Wisp."

Ariel stopped by "Entertain Me" to let me throw 10 random things at her to respond to, here is how the mind of a "Punk Princess" works...

MS: Wisp
AB: Fairies, England 

MS: Velvet Underground
AB: Crying that Lou Reed died, Nico's voice was a dream 

MS: Modeling
AB: Work, fun, travel, silly 

MS: Ken Kesey
AB: Brilliant/being 18 and getting tattoos

MS: Books
AB: I recently read The Virgin Suicides and became obsessed with Jeffery Eugenides writing. Now I'm reading another book of his, The Marriage Plot. 
MS: Ukulele
AB: My favorite. I received an electric Fender ukulele as a gift for my birthday and I must say it's pretty badass. Definitely my most prized possession. 

MS: Los Angeles
AB: Sun, warmth, happiness, weed 

MS: New York
AB: Love, chaotic, beautiful, busking 

MS: Songwriting
AB: Necessary 

AB: Cold and beautiful. Walking through the blizzard in NYC last year and wondering how something could be so painfully freezing but hilarious and pretty at the 
same time. 

When I went to "Band Camp" I stuck an Ariel Beesley in my CD player:

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