Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Hail Angelina Jolie

All Hail "Maleficent"

C'mon you all know you want to get down in a movie theater this Friday with Maleficent, starring the perfectly cast Angelina Jolie, yes, yes you do and so do I!

I have to say I am excited to see Jolie play the biggest Disney villain ever and transform into a Drag Queen, I mean Dragon, but really let's face it Maleficent is a DQ as a well as a bad ass and I am not talking Dairy Queen. 

When I first saw Angelina on the big screen it was for her Oscar winning role in  Girl Interrupted and during her press rounds pimping her turn as Maleficent she had this to say about it:

"I really, genuinely thought I was the only character who was sane in the entire film. And if you watch it closely, that's exactly how I was playing it: I am just the only sane person here. I was actually almost upset when people said I was so good at playing insane because I never thought she was insane. She was just incredibly honest, which, I guess, made her seem crazy."

Hey she will always be Angelina no matter what and that's why her fans love her.

Maleficent opens Friday, All Hail Angelina Jolie

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