Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pentatonix Gets Down !

PTX: We're Here To Get Down
Photo: Esther Kaplan
We all know the PTX gang as an amazing acapella cover group. However up until now, have only done an official video for one original song "Run To You" a moving piece of music that I LOVED when I saw them in concert in March.

Time to catch the "Boogie Fever" as Pentatonix has done what I would call a song, dance floor and dance re-mix ready, get down!

"Love Again" does what the best dance anthems do, it features beats that make you want to shake your booty and it is accessible to any DJ to remix and make you want to shout on the dance floor, give it up!!!

Give it a listen and try to stay sitting in front of your computer the whole time, I guarantee you will get up and get down in Funky Town.

                                                                 "Love Again"

Whip It With PTX at:


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