Thursday, May 29, 2014

Punk Princess Ariel Beesley "Hits The Ukulele"

Punk Princess Ariel Beesley
Photo: Jaesung Lee
"Just learned 'Violet' by Hole on the ukulele....seriously loving life right now" - Ariel Beesley 

Resident "Entertain Me" Punk Princess, Ariel Beesley continues to astound with her astute ear for music and poetic ability to write lyrics. 

Seriously who could learn the abovementioned song on the ukulele by ear but her?!

Ariel a Wilhemina Model by day, gets her punk on whenever the mood takes her, which is quite often.

Check out Ariel and her current video for her song "Boys Like You" Directed By, Aris Jerome. This girl is the real punk deal...!!!

"Boys Like You" Video:

Ariel on Band Camp: 

And Instagram:

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