Thursday, June 12, 2014

AHS: Sarah Paulson Is A Two Headed Freak

Double Your Pleasure With Sarah Paulson
This season on an American Horror Story: Freak Show - it's two, two, two Sarah Paulson's in one.
If you need an explanation for this, hint, hint, this season is subtitled: Freak Show.
The wait is officially over now that we know who Sarah Paulson, aka our favorite Supreme, uh, I thought that was Diana Ross, will be playing when she returns for Ryan Murphy's horror show next season. Paulson announced her character by tweeting a photo of herself with two heads, who are apparently Bette and Dot.
When she took to her Twitter page she had this to say about playing the duo: 
"So excited to be playing Bette AND Dot this season. Two heads are better than one!"
Looking forward to more character announcements - Hell to the yes!
American Horror Story:

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