Thursday, June 5, 2014

Around "A Great Big World" In 30 Days

When Sneakers Collide, It's: A Great Big World
Hitch a ride with A Great Big World this month, they are taking you on a trip for all 30 days of it, impressive!

In 2013, a friend of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino's challenged them to release one video per day for an entire month. They took the challenge, and the "30 Videos in 30 Days" series was born. Since then, the band has been on a whirlwind ride with their single "Say Something" taking over the radio charts around the world. 

Now, one year later, the band is resurrecting the video series to show a side of themselves that their new fans might not yet know. Five videos have been posted so far, including a "Day in the Life," "Fan Q&A," "Axel Fact," and "Why'd They Write That?" explaining the meaning and process behind writing "Say Something." Fans can look forward to more videos including live performances, more behind-the-scenes videos and more personal information from Ian and Chad. 

Take a look below and stay tuned for a new video each day this month! 

In addition, A Great Big World will be crisscrossing the globe this year when they launch an expansive international run, the appropriately titled "A Great Big World Tour".  The tour also perfectly coincides with the launch of the group's latest single "Already Home"


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