Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hitch A Ride With Marilyn Monroe

The Traveling Marilyn Monroe Statue
Photo: Michael Shinafelt
As anyone who knows me knows, I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan, which should come as no major surprise to those of you who may have just found out this information.

Here is a piece I did on this blog when My Week With Marilyn came out:

So in honor of that I am posting some rare photos of one of my favorite actresses that are part of a traveling pop up exhibit. Also included at the top of this article is the photo I took of the traveling MM statue in Palm Springs, CA when I was there this past February, hey I may not have gotten to shoot the real thing but it was good enough for this fan. 

Marilyn frequently let crew members  photograph her on set when the cameras weren't rolling, to calm her nerves. 
Here, is a sneak peek at the lost photos of Marilyn Monroe, being showcased this month in a traveling exhibition curated by Pierre Vudrag.

Marilyn on the set of one of my favorites "Niagara"
Photo: Allan "Whitey" Snyder

Marilyn Posing for an Ad for Lawn Furniture
Photo: Mischa Pelz
One of My Personal Favorites from the Exhibit Circa 1952
Photo: Lani Carlson 

Hope you enjoyed this preview of some great images of one of the most amazing stars to ever grace the silver screen, I know I did.

Marilyn on IMDB:

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