Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Huston Huddleston Invades Hollywood

A spaceship is landing in Hollywood, CA, estimated time of arrival 2015, it's The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum which recently met it's start up goal and then some with a Kickstarter campaign.

Their Mission:  The mission of New Starship Foundation and the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum is to inspire people of all ages and nationalities with an uplifting vision of the future found in science fiction media, art and literature by teaching Real Science through Science Fiction, including technology, ecology, engineering, computers, robotics, math, medicine, space travel and all aspects of filmmaking through fun, interactive exhibits and programs.

Here to tell us more about this alien invasion is the CEO of the museum, give a great big "Live Long And Prosper" to Huston Huddleston!

MS: Huston tell us what inspired your alien invasion of Hollywood.

HH: One thing lead to another. It started because I saved the Enterprise Bridge (from Star Trek) that was a display tour set that was made for Paramount in the late 90's. I did a Kickstarter, I got a bunch of people associated with Star Trek to support me then we got to a point where A) We didn't have enough money to complete the restoration B) We didn't have a place to set it up, where would we store it? The biggest problem I had with the companies I was approaching for donations was that none of them cared specifically about the bridge itself, they weren't Star Trek fans, which is understandable. We needed to create a bigger picture, there is no exclusive science fiction museum anywhere in the world, and certainly none in Hollywood. So we are creating our own, it was the only logical conclusion. 

MS: So, what is going to set your museum apart from others?

HH: Our museum will be so universal, and so exciting it will have the fun of a theme park inside of a museum. I think we will get the numbers of people coming, and hopefully break records as far as museums go.

MS: It would be so dry otherwise.

HH: We are making it fun which is something museums normally don't do. 

MS: You also have fantasy and horror along with the science fiction.

HH: Some people actually complained to us that Herbie The Love Bug and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can't be in the museum because it is a science fiction museum not a science fantasy museum and I'm like: "Why the Hell not?" The joy that people will get from seeing these will be way overcome by the people who are complaining about them.

It's Huston!
MS: Hey Huston, time for some fun! I picked five random sci-fi, fantasy TV and Movie titles and want you to say what comes to mind, ready.

HH: Sure, let's go.

MS: Planet of the Apes

HH: Pivotal film. Rod Serling wrote the screenplay, that's why it had so much apocalyptic insight. The film was unique and a major watermark.

MS: Bionic Woman

HH: Kenneth Johnson (creator of the show) has been supportive of our museum. That show is the first female superhero who wasn't treated campy, and could actually be a woman and not a cartoon character. She could be soft and feminine and kick butt! It was ground breaking.

MS: X-Men

HH: Stan Lee is a huge hero of mine. As far as the film it was one of the first to treat the situation as 100% real. X-Men brought the superhero movie to a whole new level of realism and the series just keeps getting better and better, and you have the integrity of some amazing actors and a director.

MS: Labyrinth 

HH: It's unique, it's a musical. David Bowie is a very underrated actor, I wished he'd do more. Jennifer Connelly is beautiful. I think it was Jim Henson's way of making something more mainstream since Dark Crystal didn't do well, he took the technology and made it more commercial.

MS: Star Trek

HH: Never heard of it (laughs) It was a groundbreaking TV Show, in too many ways to even mention. It has single handily inspired more astronauts and scientists I think than any entity. Every NASA person I have met says Star Trek is the show that inspired them.

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