Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's "Showfolk" Time!

"I dated Ronald Reagan when he was a Democrat" - Monica Lewis Former Starlet "Earthquake" 
I had the pleasure of viewing Showfolk at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Director Ned McNeilage's Documentary short, which is a Valentine to Hollywood Veteran's of the Entertainment Industry's Golden Era.

Here is the synopsis of the people's lives involved in the project:

A Vaudeville comedian still working at 100, a stunning siren who dated Reagan when he was a Democrat, a kid out of college who sold The Ten Commandments around the world, a Disney legend who met Walt when she was a little girl and spent her life with Mickey Mouse: these showbiz vets share wisdom and inspiration garnered over seven lifetimes in the business. Residing together at the Motion Picture & Television Fund home, these entertainment lifers are "bonded by the show". These, ladies and folgentlemen, are Showfolk.

Two, Two, Two Monica Lewis's In One
Showfolk has also screened in competition at four major prestigious festivals thus far:.

- Tribeca Film Festival, New York

- AFI Docs,, Washington, D.C.

- Palm Springs International Shortfest

Showfolk has won the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short at the Palm Springs international ShortFest. It was also included in the "Best of Fest" final-day re-screenings at AFI Docs.

Out of 5000+ submissions from 60+ countries, Showfolk has also been invited into competition at Rhode Island International Film Festival!

We're Here, We're "Showfolk" Get Used To It

I really enjoyed this lovely documentary short, as I am a fan of old Hollywood. Also I have been to the Motion Picture & Television Fund home out yonder in Woodland Hills, CA for movie screenings. A friend of mine's Mother used to be a nurse there so the final shot of the movie was familiar to me when we get a parting glance of these veteran's at the short's finale.

Hey if you are planning on attending the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August do yourself a favor and catch the folk that are destined to be America's next sweethearts all over again.

That's Showfolk and their entertainment!

Showfolk, they're everywhere, resistance is futile:

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