Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They Are "Such Good People"

We're Here, We're Good, Get Used To It: Randy Harrison & Michael Urie

"So we're different colors, And we're different creeds, And different people have different needs" - People Are People Depeche Mode

The above mentioned phrase is the best way in my opinion to surmise the funny and charming indie flick Such Good People

Starring some really good people themselves Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) as Richard Nearly and Randy Harrison (Queer As Folk) as Alex Reardon a gay couple, that's right you heard me, a gaaaaaaaay couple as the central characters of this screwball comedy.

Referring back to the Depeche Mode quote the two leads happen to be gay, them being gay is not the focus of the story and there are plenty of other characters who are not gay in the film, which is a regular melting pot of "different colors, creeds and needs."

Including Lance Bass, who was sporting blue hair at the premiere I attended in Westwood, CA, yeah I know I should have gotten a photo of that.
Feeling Blue Lance?
Luckily there is Google and I did a search and found a shot, although it is not from the premiere it is of Mr. Bass with said hair color, feast your eyes, people.

The cast also includes Carrie Wiita & James Urbaniak as Alex's conniving half sister and brother in-law Dr. Paige & Cooper Whitehead, Ph.D

Not to mention the fabulous Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty, Devious Maids) as Detective Diane Kershman. A word of caution don't F#@k with the porpoises when she is on the case.
Ana Ortiz Is On The Case
With an astute screenplay by David Michael Barrett based on a story by him and Greg Sterling.

This SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Ultra Low Budget film is one of the best examples of making movies with a shoestring amount of cash I have ever seen. 

A tip and a nod to the Director, Stewart Wade for his adept insight, and keeping it real.

Such Good People is Such A Good Movie, seek it out like a missile on video.

Are you a good person? 

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