Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Margaret Cho Remembers Robin Williams

Robin Williams

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world" - Robin Williams

I love this quote and it best sums up who Robin Williams was to me. I will never forget the impact of the laughter, joy and ideas he brought into my life. 

Words can not begin to describe how seeing The World According to Garp influenced and changed me when I was young.

I thought it best to let his life be discussed by someone who knew him well, friend and Entertain Me favorite Ms. Margaret Cho said this to Time Magazine about the passing of our Captain:

"He was the first celebrity I ever met. My parents owned a bookstore in San Francisco in the ’70s and ’80s. My father made Robin autograph a copy of The World According to Garp for me. When I started comedy in San Francisco in the ’80s, Robin would hang around the clubs I started doing shows at and grew up next to. He would always come in, and then later, of course, we would always see him in clubs here. He was the patriarch of our little clan of comedians in San Francisco. All of us looked at him, in a way, as a father figure. That’s why this is so upsetting.
He was just very supportive. He was very shy, and possibly a little embarrassed by his fame. Inside, he really was a comic. Naturally, all comics just wanna hang around other comics, so he would come to these little clubs and open mics, and you’d get bumped, and he would go on and you’d have to follow him, which was always really terrifying because he’s so great, and people were so excited to just be in his presence. Also, we were all excited to be around him. He’s the kind of guy, I remember, he would help out comics who needed money. When I was a teenager, my first boyfriend needed money to live, and he loved this guy’s comedy, so he would give people money to survive. It’s a beautiful thing. He was a great guy."

R.I.P. Oh, Captain! My Captain!

Robin Williams on IMDB:

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