Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Bump, My Lovely Baby Bump: Christina Aguilera

She's Pregnant & Proud! Christina Aguilera
Look! She has a baby bump, she's pregnant and proud of it, check it out, don't be shy.
Christina Aguilera flaunts her pregnancy in V Magazine, and why not? I remember when Demi Moore did it on the cover of Vanity Fair and what a buzz it caused.

I also remember being in an elevator with studio executives at the now defunct Orion Pictures, performing my first industry job in the mail room, and them making fun of her.

Typical money men, not one ounce of artistic expression or creativity in them. 

What I felt was a beautiful and bold move at the time is now the norm for female artists.

There is something amazing about a lovely portrait of a pregnant woman. 

Thank you Ms. Aguilera for this stunning image that never gets boring. It reminds everyone of the wonder & miracle of life.

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