Thursday, August 7, 2014

Naama Kates Live @ Silverlake Lounge !

Chillin' Before The Show: Naama & Her Producer Cyrus Melchor
Last night Naama Kates took the stage @ Silverlake Lounge with her producer Cyrus Melchor and their awesome band to preview her upcoming album Souled.

The show included video projected visuals that added to the ambiance and presentation of each individual song.

Naama also threw in a couple tracks from her first two discs King For The Day and The Unexamined Life for good measure. The show was the first time Ms. Kates got out from behind the keyboard and danced along with her own tunes. The results were amazing, great job to everyone involved!

All of the photos of the evening were taken by yours truly.

Setting Up For A Great Show

The Awesome Band!
Have You Ever Been "Souled?"

It's Always Showtime At The Edge Of The Stage

Be "Souled" With Naama at: 

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