Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ponyboy Gets The "Job" Done

Ponyboy, Charles McVey Receives A Soul Kiss
Sit right back while I tell this tale a tale of freedom, artistic expression and sex...yep that's correct I said S-E-X, are you going to wash my mouth out with soap for mentioning the "S Word?" That's not how that works, only I do the mouth washing out around here.

During this time Andy Warhol had a big something, something in the heart of New York called The Factory that was a haven for artistic expression through all forms of media with sex as the primary focus. 

He did an experimental short with the moniker Blow Job, which was footage of a man receiving oral pleasure from beginning, enjoying the middle and ending with a climax while the camera documented it all by capturing only his facial expressions.  

Cut to 2014, that would be fifty years after the original. Art Fag Rockers, Ponyboy who have brought rock music media back to what it should be, rebellion, intellect and sex, sex, sex have done an update on the Warhol short.

Where the one from The Factory was silent this one has a score by my Ponyboy's Charles McVey and David Zey as my boy Charles tells me:
  • "It was pretty fun to do. The soundtrack took way longer than the video side. The drum track was actually from a demo we were working on for Buck Angel, but it was shelved for the past 2 years. The bass and synth tracks were improvised and then edited to the score the video later. The music for the score was conceptualized into three parts: 
  • 1. Ascension 
  • 2. Commencement
  • 3. Decent."

Sort of like Elizabeth Kubler Ross's Five Stages Of Grief, but a lot more fun!

Oh, in case you are wondering, "Yes" Virginia Charles really was receiving while the camera was rolling.

These boys make a Daddy proud!

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