Friday, August 22, 2014

T.G.I.F! Make An "RSVP" With Shara Strand

"RSVP" With Shara

Like a caterpillar meta morphs into a butterfly, Pop Princess Shara Strand has evolved into a Dance Princess with her latest RSVP.

I first became acquainted with Ms. Strand in 2012 when she first burst onto the music scene with her EP Born Tonight. I interviewed her for the music site Chorus and Verse, check out our chat here:

Since our first encounter it has been a pleasure knowing her and seeing the path her career has taken.

Her latest incarnation is sure to have everyone dancing their collective booty's off...!!!

Shara has this to say about her current single:

"RSVP is about being bold, living in the moment, and enjoying all the good. I hope my new single and video gives my fans a moment to be silly, have fun, and let it all go."

Well stated my dear in this day and age we need all the positive energy and fun we can get, and RSVP delivers both!

Check out her latest single and video at the link below and have a groovy T.G.I.F!

Make an RSVP with Shara at:

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  1. Great article!!! Thank you so much Michael for your continued support. You are wonderful!!!