Tuesday, August 19, 2014

These Are A Few Of My "Favorite Hunks"

Not too long ago I came across a blog called "Favorite Hunks & Other Things."

Well of course my interest was piqued, I mean who doesn't like some nice eye candy?

The thing I did expect when I explored the site was a lot of images of nude men, celebrity
and otherwise. What I did not expect was to discover a really talented writer whose style is a kindred spirit to what I do on my blog with regard to creativity: positive, insightful and displaying an understanding and respect for the individuals who do it, like himself.

His name is Tye Briggs, and he shared with me some of what makes the man behind the blog tick.

"I am a psychology major who moved to a small country town about 
9 years ago after ending a long term relationship.  The blog sort of began as a 
creative outlet given how stressful my job can be at times.  I once wanted to be 
a photographer, then an actor, even studied theatre for my first two years at 
University before deciding on the safe major.  The place I live is nice, quiet 
but also nice and quiet.  I needed something to get out my creative side and 
feelings, especially my first few years here."

Tye's Tribute To Robin Williams
Tye and I both share the same philosophy about writing, we both loathe the cruelty that permeates most of what other people put on the Internet. He states that  he always strives to go out of his way not to be "snarky" or mean.

"Writing is my true love and I would not do the blog without writing.  When I find a subject, my favorite part of piecing it together is finding a hook, a theme or interesting way to present the images.  My ultimate goal would be to leave my day job and write full time, but that is still in the dream stage right now."

He also says that surprisingly he has had many celebrities contact him about the features and images that have been posted on his blog. Well Tye this is no surprise to me.

Check out his recent write up revisiting the film The Hotel New Hampshire - a personal favorite of mine and in true FH style is not only well written, but includes nude images of a young Rob Lowe.


Another mainstay on FH are profiles of nude models and the photographers who shoot them.

I find the model profiles especially interesting as Tye really reveals who they are as individuals and why modeling nude is something that they choose to do. The thing that might  surprise most people reading one of these pieces is most of the guys who get naked for the camera and art classes are already involved in other creative endeavors and see modeling nude as another way to express themselves artistically.

Like Tye's profile on established filmmaker Davo Hardy, this is a great, and interesting examination of an individual's creativity. While it does contain full male nudity, as Mr. Briggs puts it: "The blog is sexy, but not pornographic, nude, but not crude."


Well put and done Tye!

Follow your Favorite Hunks at: http://favoritehunks.blogspot.ca/

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