Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alicia Keys - Happy "Bump Day"

Alicia Keys, Peace
"I don't care what your differences are with your Moms. If you can do it. Hold them and tell them that you love them" - Erik Rimmer

What a lovely sentiment from a special guy.

Everyone must know how much I love the site of a nude pregnant woman by now...after my post about Christina Aguilera how could you not?

Well the lovely and talented Ms. Alicia Keys is the latest on the list to show her glow, and it's for charity. With an awesome peace sign emblazoned across her tummy, so cool!

Alicia's goal is to connect her millions of fans with reputable organizations tackling big issues, from hunger and poverty to LGBT rights and gun violence. Keys has donated $1 million to be split among 12 groups and released a new song, "We Are Here," to get even more attention.

In honor of Ms. Keys and her bundle of joy. I am going to publish the link to the twelve charity's that this photo was meant to benefit.

As she states: "People won't be able to ignore this visual."

Hey Alicia, nobody does it sent to you and yours. 

Remember, Mom's Rule! Happy "Bump Day!"

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