Friday, September 19, 2014

Franken//Fake v Face/Off

In the history of film making there has always been the movie where some monster, superhero or horror character versus another.

King Kong v Godzilla, Freddy v Jason and the upcoming Batman v Superman. Thus it is only fitting that the make-up competition geared towards the abovementioned genres Face/Off on the Syfy Network has it's own versus, Franken//Fake!

Franken // Fake focuses on Joe Castro, a special effects artist who saw what was taking place during filming and came to the conclusion that he “was not part of a true competition.” The incident occurred on May 5, 2012, but it is being told for the first time by Steven Escobar, a veteran editor for reality television and documentary filmmaker.
“I work in reality television and in my opinion, I have never seen such twisted and grotesque behavior from the show’s producers on any show I’ve worked on,” Escobar said in the press release.
Through interviews, real footage, and reenactments, the documentary will show what lead to Castro leaving the series and how the executive producers have tried to keep him quiet about the whole thing.

Franken//Fake is an interesting and entertaining documentary that I recommend, there was never a dull moment.

Something I personally liked in particular was when reality TV veteran Escobar broke down the editing of a scene in very specific detail.

No, it's not that I didn't know producers and studios do that, it was how Mr. Escobar could pinpoint it so vividly since he has the expertise behind him.
Frankenfake is now available on Vimeo On Demand. 

Rent and watch this controversial documentary that SyFy and Face Off do not want to you see at:


  1. This is "documentary" is a joke. Escobar and Castro employ the same editing techniques they accuse the Face Off of doing! They contradict themselves throughout the film and ultimately fail to make their case.

    1. Agreed. The body of work Castro has behind him, outside the show as well as his poor performance within, shows his poor skill level. He's a Z-movie nobody who just couldn't cut it.

  2. Joe comes off like a butthurt child through all of this. All these years later and he is still crying about making bad makeups on the show. Pathetic.

  3. These guys are brilliant filmmakers! They actually had me going for a minute! Not since Andy Kaufman has there been this type of satire/humor on film! Better than anything on "The Onion"!!!!!!

  4. I think it is hilarious at one point he says that all the artist makeups are cookie cutter with no originality and he clearly photoshoped his own makeup to look nothing like his original pile of crap. Nice try joe